MAS 2012 Proceedings

The MAS Conference concentrates on applied Modeling & simulation (M&S) and computer technologies. Application fields include logistics, supply chain management, production control, business and industrial organization and engage users, vendors and scientists operating in applying advanced techniques to industry, business and services.

Proceedings List

Developing a simulation training tool for ultrasonography

Authors: John Sokolowski, Catherine Banks, William Richards.

Simulation of the flood warning process with competency-based description of human resources

Authors: ?tepán Kuchar, Michal Podhorányi, Jan Martinovic, Ivo Vondrák.

Supervised training of conversive hidden non-markovian models: increasing usability for gesture recognition

Authors: Sascha Bosse, Claudia Krull, Graham Horton.

A construction kit of flexible IT-services for supply chain planning and operations

Authors: Sebastian Steinbuss, Katja Klingebiel, Gökhan Yüzgülec, Tobias Hegmanns.

Improvement of thermochemical finishing processes: an application of a batch tracing system

Authors: Robert Schoech, Ruth Fleisch, Christian Hillbrand.

Simulation of uncertainty in rainfall-runoff models and their statistical evaluation in the FLOREON+ system

Authors: ?tepán Kuchar, Tomá? Kocyan, Pavel Praks, Martina Litschmannová, Jan Martinovic, Vít Vondrák.

Autonomous logistic processes of bike courier services using multiagent-based simulation

Authors: Max Gath, Thomas Wagner, Otthein Herzog.

MOSIPS agent-based model for predicting and simulating the impact of public policies on SMEs

Authors: Federico Pablo-Martě, María Teresa Gallo, Antonio García-Tabuenca, Juan Luis Santos, Tomás Mancha.

Monte Carlo simulation - the bank account selection in the Czech Republic according to the bank charges

Authors: Martina Kuncova, Lenka Lizalova.

Inertial acceleration application for wheel slip measurement of mobile robots

Authors: Daniel Szocs, Teodor Pan?, Andrei Fene?an, Ioana Vese.

Visualization in business process simulation

Authors: Xiaoming Du, Terrence Finandor, Kuzhen Wu, Jialiang Yao.

Wrinkle effect in cloth simulation using fluidity control

Authors: Jaruwan Mesit.

Lumped parameters modelling of the furnace and steam systems of a 350 MW boiler

Authors: Edgardo J. Roldan-Villasana, Ma. Cardoso-G., Jose A. Tavira-Mondragon, Miguel Rossano.

CFD simulations as a tool for flow and thermal analysis in boilers of power plants

Authors: Ivan F. Galindo-García, Ana K. Vazquez-Barragan, Miguel Rossano-Román.

Mathematical modeling of a heat recovery steam generator and its integration to a combined cycle power plant simulator

Authors: Jose Tavira-Mondragón, Luis Jiménez-Fraustro, Fernando Jiménez-Fraustro.

A simulation based design framework for large scale infrastructure systems design

Authors: Yilin Huang, Mamadou D. Seck, Michele Fumarola.

Optimal allocation of economic resources using the AHP absolute model

Authors: Fabio De Felice, Antonella Petrillo, Michele Tricarico.

Ultra-fast registration of 2D electron microscopy images

Authors: Santiago Garcia, Julio Kovacs, Pablo Chacon.

GPU-accelerated modelling of biological membranes ION-transport

Authors: Adam Gorecki, Krzysztof Dolowy.

Description and optimization of the structure of horizontally homogeneous parallel and distributed processing systems

Authors: Tiit Riismaa.

Modelling and simulation of direct steam injection for tomato concentrate sterilization

Authors: Paolo Casoli, Gabriele Copelli.

Open benchmark database for multidisciplinary optimization problems

Authors: Tuomo Varis, Tero Tuovinen.

eSBMTools: python tools for enriched structure based modeling

Authors: Benjamin Lutz, Claude Sinner, Geertje Heuermann, Abhinav Verma, Alexander Schug.

Modeling of rheological behaviour of tomato spreads

Authors: E. Rosa, I.Peinado, A. Heredia, A. Andres.

Simulation of dilute-solution properties of biological macromolecules with the aid of high-performance computing

Authors: Ricardo Rodríguez Schmidt, Diego Amorós Cerdán, José Hernández Cifre, Guillermo Díaz Bańos, José García de la Torre.

Augmented gallery guide

Authors: Zuzana Haladova, Csaba Bolyos.

A BPMN general framework for managing traceability in a food supply chain

Authors: Giovanni Mirabelli, Teresa Pizzuti, Fernando Gómez-González, Miguel Angel Sanz-Bobi.

Food traceability models: an overview of the state of the art

Authors: Giovanni Mirabelli, Teresa Pizzuti, Fernando Gómez-González, Miguel Angel Sanz-Bobi.

Analysis of airport check-in counter allocation policies using simulation

Authors: Özden Onur Dalgiç, Yusuf Seçerdin, Gizem Sultan Nemutlu, Nilgün Fescioglu Unver.

Investigating spatial nuclear power effects using 3D real-time model

Authors: Janos Sebestyen Janosy.

Advanced design of industrial mixers for fluid foods using computational fluid dynamics

Authors: Davide Marchini, Federico Solari, Mattia Armenzoni, Roberto Montanari, Marta Rinaldi, Eleonora Bottani, Gino Ferretti, Giuseppe Vignali.

Autonomous control in event logistics

Authors: Florian Harjes, Bernd Scholz-Reiter.

Supply chain simulation: a study on reorder policies for perishable food products

Authors: Marta Rinaldi, Eleonora Bottani, Gino Ferretti, Mattia Armenzoni, Davide Marchini, Federico Solari, Giuseppe Vignali, Roberto Montanari.

Remarks on Qubit neuron-based quantum neural servo controller

Authors: Kazuhiko Takahashi.

Modelling and simulation of a fish processing factory ship

Authors: Nadia Rego Monteil, Raquel Botana Lodeiros, Diego Crespo Pereira, David del Rio Vilas, Rosa Rios Prado.

Integrated systems design in an automotive industry - using CAD and simulation in layout and process optimization

Authors: Luis Dias, Guilherme Pereira, Pavel Vik, José Oliveira.

Modeling and thermo-fluid dynamic simulation of a fresh pasta pasteurization process

Authors: Eleonora Bottani, Gino Ferretti, Matteo Folezzani, Michele Manfredi, Roberto Montanari, Giuseppe Vignali.

A lot-size simulation model with batch demand with special attention towards the holding costs

Authors: Gerrit K. Janssens, Roongrat Pisuchpen, Patrick Beullens.

Grid generation from video capture for meshless method thermal simulations

Authors: Khaoula Lassoued, Tonino Sophy, Luis Le Moyne, Nesrine Zoghlami.

Customer/supplier requirements and behaviour modelling & simulation in service delivery

Authors: Thčcle Alix, Gregory Zacharewicz, Bruno Vallespir.

Modeling selectivity banks for mixed model assembly lines

Authors: Alex Blatchford, Yakov Fradkin, Oleg Gusikhin, Ravi Lote, Marco Pucciano, Onur Ulgen.

Intermittent demand forecasting and stock control: an empirical study

Authors: Adriano O. Solis, Letizia Nicoletti, Somnath Mukhopadhyay, Laura Agosteo, Antonio Delfino, Mirko Sartiano.

Start-up business success prediction by means of artificial neural networks

Authors: Francisco García Fernadez, Ignacio Soret Los Santos, Santiago Izquierdo, Francisco Llamazares Redondo, Francisco José Blanco Jiménez.

A model of a biofilter for mechanical pulping waste-water treatment

Authors: Stefano Saetta, Lorenzo Tiacci, Markku Tapola,Sara Hihnala.

Models & interactive simulation for civil military interoperabiltiy in humanitarian aid and civil protection

Authors: Agostino G. Bruzzone, Alberto Tremori, Francesco Longo, Michele Turi, Giulio Franzinetti.

Renewable energy sources: advanced solutions for floating photovoltaic systems

Authors: Giovanni Mirabelli, Letizia Nicoletti, Teresa Pizzuti, Pierluigi Stumpo.

Intelligent systems for the core of anthropocentric objects and its modeling

Authors: Boris Fedunov.

A new design of FMS with multiple objectives using goal programming

Authors: Berna Dengiz, Yusuf Tansel Iç, Selin Co?kun, Nil Da?sal?, Damla Aksoy, Gözde Çizmeci.

Field experiments for engineering augmented reality tools

Authors: Gabriel Fernandes, Gerson Cunha, Celia Lopes, Luiz Landau, Alvaro L. G. de Azeredo Coutinho.

Augmented reality system with chroma key for simulators

Authors: Mario L. Ribeiro, Gerson Cunha, Jose L.D. Alves, Maria Celia Santos Lopes, Gabriel A. Fernandes, Luiz Landau, Cezar H.V. Da Costa.

Advanced etching algorithms for process simulation of 3D MEMS-TUNABLE lasers

Authors: Abderrazzak El Boukili.

Modeling of water retention in substrates used in production of tomato "sweet grape"

Authors: Honorato C. Pacco, Delvio Sandri, Sebastiăn Avelino Neto, Marco Antonio Amaral Jr., Ananda Helena Nunes Cunha.

Generation of alternatives for model predictive control in manufacturing

Authors: Sören Stelzer, Sören Bergmann, Steffen Strassburger.

Cross-docking transhipment problem approached by non linear programming and simulation analysis

Authors: Giuseppe Aiello, Mario Enea, Cinzia Muriana.

The effect of toe mechanism for simulation of small biped walking robot by gait generation

Authors: Krissana Nerakae, Hiroshi Hasegawa.

Simulation of house prices for improved land valuation

Authors: Terry Bossomaier, Zahid Islam, Rod Duncan, Junbin Gao.

Unsupervised algorithm for retrieving characteristic patterns from time-warped data collections

Authors: Tomá? Kocyan, Jan Martinovi?, Michal Podhorányi, Ivo Vondrák.

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