MAS 2012 Proceeding

Integrated systems design in an automotive industry - using CAD and simulation in layout and process optimization

Authors:   Luis Dias, Guilherme Pereira, Pavel Vik, Josť Oliveira


This paper discusses production systems design issues, applied to an internal logistic system in the automotive industry. In this paper, production systems design software tools ? Simulation and Computer Aided Design are integrated, exploring ways of dealing with data diversity and assuring valid and efficient production systems, taking advantage of the mentioned data integration. This integration is implemented on AutoCAD (layout design) and WITNESS (simulation), using MS Access as the system knowledge repository. The software package developed was called IDS (Integrated Design of Systems). This approach supports global system optimization that considers all important system resources and system performance measures. Solutions achieved are expected to be better than solutions obtained with non-integrated approaches. IDS approach is open and accessible, thus enabling different companies to use this advanced production systems design tool, taking advantage of simulation and CAD systems and their integration. This application intends to validate the concept and functionalities of the proposed tool, on a real industrial case study.

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