MAS 2012 Proceeding

A BPMN general framework for managing traceability in a food supply chain

Authors:   Giovanni Mirabelli, Teresa Pizzuti, Fernando Gómez-González, Miguel Angel Sanz-Bobi


In the research area of the supply chain, traceability is the result of many developments aimed at improving food quality and safety management. This paper presents the results of the first phase of elaboration of a Global Track&Trace (T&T) System for Food. A general framework is obtained through the definition of a T&T Information System. The development of an information system requires modeling of business processes and associated data results. In this research work, the whole supply chain has been modeled according to a Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN). A general data model is proposed enough flexible and variable for developing the strategy of traceability and open the door to incorporate new future features to be taken into account. Processes and data management are achieved through the creation of a web-based system. The final model permits the supply chain optimization and the food quality management.

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