MAS 2012 Proceeding

Augmented reality system with chroma key for simulators

Authors:   Mario L. Ribeiro, Gerson Cunha, Jose L.D. Alves, Maria Celia Santos Lopes, Gabriel A. Fernandes, Luiz Landau, Cezar H.V. Da Costa


This paper presents a training solution for heavy equipment operator professionals which need to improve general operation skills, exercise or wish to experiment with different risk decision making scenarios. Commercial simulators usually have high cost, demand great large installation areas or displacement to specialized training facilities. This solution combines the advanced Augmented Reality techniques, Chroma Key and Head Mounted Displays (HMD) to provide acceptable, low cost and on site training environment. The system installed in limited space when compared to the commercial simulators. Through video composition the application adds the user's own and real equipments/controls over the virtual training environment. This work, also presents results on a comparison between a color projection and a high contrast cloth for mask filtering. The overall result provides acceptable results for general training purposes.

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