MAS 2012 Proceeding

Customer/supplier requirements and behaviour modelling & simulation in service delivery

Authors:   Thècle Alix, Gregory Zacharewicz, Bruno Vallespir


Service has become over the years a very popular word discussed in the whole world. The economy is dominat- ed by the tertiary sector of activity only one able to cre- ate new jobs because the service demand is not yet cov- ered by the private or by the public sector. Citizens see services as a way to have access to basic or complex amenities, authorities as a way to address environmental problems and manufacturers as a way to differentiate them from the competition, to be closer to their custom- ers and to improve the shopper experience. Services are of a huge importance in the national and international economy and are discussed in numerous domains hu- man service, business service, IT service, manufactur- ing area, etc. Several concepts related to service have merged as well as new scientific disciplines. Problemat- ic linked to service design, service implementation, ser- vice operation management, service quality, service sys- tem simulation, product-service system design, service modeling are still under consideration and the multiplic- ity of the domain concerned failed to come up with unanimous answer. This paper proposes a contribution on service delivery process modeling and simulation that can potentially be used in any area. The proposed model is based on the most relevant concepts coming from a specialized literature review on services. A G- DEVS model of the service delivery process is then proposed.

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