MAS 2012 Proceeding

Grid generation from video capture for meshless method thermal simulations

Authors:   Khaoula Lassoued, Tonino Sophy, Luis Le Moyne, Nesrine Zoghlami


A dynamic grid generation tool based on contour reconstruction and a Meshless Diffuse Approximation Method (DAM) is developed. The purpose is extracting the points cloud involved in the Meshless simulation from a digitalized picture or a video capture. Each frame taken from an ultra-speed camera video is transformed into a set of points. After several image treatment investigations, a threshold-Hough association method is adopted and tested with circular and more complex shaped object. The obtained grids are then used in numerical simulations with the Diffuse Approximation Meshless method. Transient heat diffusion and steady state convection are simulated. Results are presented as isotherms and streamlines. The presented method seems to create DAM compatible grids as the isotherms are in respect with the conduction phenomenon and the streamlines fits to the references corresponding to similar cases.

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