MAS 2012 Proceeding

Mathematical modeling of a heat recovery steam generator and its integration to a combined cycle power plant simulator

Authors:   Jose Tavira-Mondragón, Luis Jiménez-Fraustro, Fernando Jiménez-Fraustro


To expand the scope of a gas turbine power plant simulator to a combined cycle power plant simulator, the mathematical models of process and control and the operation interfaces were developed and integrated in the available hardware-software architecture. To accomplish these goals, software tools were developed and applied to build and simulate a typical distributed control system of this type of power plants with a suitable operation interface for the trainees. Relating to the elaboration of process models, this paper highlights the development of the heat recovery steam generator and the steam turbine. The static and dynamic response of the simulator has been tested and validated regarding plant data. This full-scope simulator provides a suitable human machine interface to train operators of modern power plants. Currently the simulator has been installed in an operators training centre and it is being utilized as a part of the corresponding training courses.

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