MAS 2012 Proceeding

CFD simulations as a tool for flow and thermal analysis in boilers of power plants

Authors:   Ivan F. Galindo-García, Ana K. Vazquez-Barragan, Miguel Rossano-Román


Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations of the gas flow inside the boiler of a power plant are presented. The CFD simulations can be employed for a very detailed analysis where spatial and local effects can be important. CFD calculations were performed for a 350 MW utility boiler at 100% of total load using either pulverized coal or heavy oil as fuels. Then, two case studies with variation in working conditions are presented for the first case the effect of the amount of combustion air is investigated and for the second case the failure of one burner is simulated. Simulation of these test cases demonstrate the general capability of the simulator and that CFD methods are recommended as a viable computational tool to evaluate the flow and thermal performance in the gas side of the boiler of a power plant.

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