MAS 2015 Proceedings

The MAS Conference concentrates on applied Modeling & simulation (M&S) and computer technologies. Application fields include logistics, supply chain management, production control, business and industrial organization and engage users, vendors and scientists operating in applying advanced techniques to industry, business and services.

Proceedings List

Optimal control strategy of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles

Authors: Wonki Kim, Yonghyeok Ji, Shunghwa Lee, Hyeongcheol Lee.

Monte Carlo simulation used for the electricity supplier selection

Authors: Martina Kuncova, Jana Seknickova.

Synthesis of adequate mathematical description and its applications

Authors: Yuri Menshikov.

Modelling the effect of individual differences in punishment sensitivity on behaviour in a public goods game

Authors: Tuong Manh Vu, Peer-Olaf Siebers, Anya Skatova, Theodore Turocy.

Virtual panel system with tactile feedback

Authors: Allisson D'ant Ramos Bastos, Gerson Gomes Cunha, Luiz Landau, Maria Celia Santos Lopes.

Economies of scale and scope in manufacturing systems - a benchmarking approach

Authors: Sameh Saad, Ali Bagheri.

Modelling and simulation of rail passengers to evaluate methods to reduce dwell times

Authors: Adam Perkins, Brendan Ryan, Peer-Olaf Siebers.

A decision support system for the prioritization of projects and investments to maximize impact on regional development

Authors: Anton Cotelo Garcia, Pablo Diaz de la Cuesta, Juan Diaz Pardo, David del Rio Vilas.

An integrated decision support system to solve multi-criteria orienteering problem

Authors: Pasquale Carotenuto, Ilaria Baffo, Fabio De Felice, Antonella Petrillo.

Improvement of the warehouse operation in the furniture company on the basis of the simulation study

Authors: Bronislav Chramcov, Petr ?o?olík, Robert Bucki.

The Simulation Exploration Experience, education opportunity in higher education ? Preparing college students to thrive in chaos

Authors: Priscilla Elfrey, Richard Severinghaus.

A heuristics with simulative approach for the determination of the optimal offsetting replenishment cycles to reduce the warehouse space

Authors: Chiara Franciosi, Salvatore Miranda, Raffaele Iannone, Alfredo Lambiase.

The assurance of quality and recognition of researcher?s skilss in Europe towards smart energy regions paradigm

Authors: N. Kunicina, A. Zabasta, L. Ribickis, D. Bunte, O. Krievs.

Voluntary education standardization in study energy efficiency direction programs in European Union and neighborhood regions

Authors: A. Zabasta, N. Kunicina, N. Arsic, O. Krievs, L. Ribickis.

Discovering social networks using a mobile phone game

Authors: Terry Bossomaier, Roderick Duncan, Steve D?Alessandro, Michelle Evans, Liaquant Hossian.

A genetic algorithm to design touristic routes in a bike sharing system

Authors: Ilaria Baffo, Pasquale Carotenuto, Giovanni Storchi.

Developing effective virtual reality training for military forces and emergency operators: from technology to human factors

Authors: Federica Pallavicini, Nicola Toniazzi, Luca Argenton, Luciana Aceti, Fabrizia Mantovani.

Better statistical forecast accuracy does not always lead to better inventory control efficiency: the case of lumpy demand

Authors: Adriano O. Solis.

Modeling human behaviors in marine environment for anti-piracy operations

Authors: Agostino G. Bruzzone, Marina Massei, Irene Piccini, Alberto Tremori.

Clothes maketh the man and the regional mall

Authors: Roderick Duncan, Terry Bossomaier, Steve d?Alessandro, Daniel Murphy.

A multimodal approach to simulation fidelity

Authors: Patrice Thebault, Sangeeth saagar Ponnusamy, Vincent Albert.

Augmented reality to support 3D visualization of geometric elements in classroom with AR teacher tools

Authors: Livia Fernandes, Leonardo Lanzellotti, Celia Lopes, Gerson G. Cunha, Luiz Landau.

A positional study for network modeling using Zigbee protocol

Authors: Leonardo Lanzellotti, Larissa P. M. Cruz, Maria Celia S. Lopes,Gerson Gomes Cunha, Luiz Landau.

Powers controls of a doubly-fed induction generator used in a chain of wind power conversion

Authors: Jean N. Razafinjaka, Andrianantenaina Tsiory Patrick, Jean Claude Rakotoarisoa, Hervé Mangel , Charles Bernard Andrianirina.

Optimal crop selection and scheduling using a generic crop growth model and integer programming model

Authors: Kasi Bharath Vegesana, Frederic D. McKenzie.

Internet of Things (IoT) applications study using big data and virtualization process technology

Authors: Albino Ribeiro Neto, Gerson Gomes Cunha, Luiz Landau, Sergio Poliano Villarreal, Cristina Jasbinscheck Haguenauer.

Impact analysis of a cross-channel retailing system in the fashion industry by a simulation approach

Authors: Alessandra Lanzilotto, Giada Martino, Maria Grazia Gnoni, Raffaele Iannone.

Using multi-pole modeling and intelligent simulation in design of a hydraulic drive

Authors: Mait Harf, Gunnar Grossschmidt.

An improved conversive hidden non-markovian model-based touch gesture recognition system with automatic model creation

Authors: Tim Dittmar, Claudia Krull, Graham Horton.

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