MAS 2012 Proceeding

Generation of alternatives for model predictive control in manufacturing

Authors:   Sören Stelzer, Sören Bergmann, Steffen Strassburger


Manufacturing systems are dynamic systems which are influenced by various disturbances or frequently changing customer requests. A continuous process of decision making is required. Model Predictive Control is a common model-based approach for control but needs adaption to be applicable to discrete-event simulation. In this paper we introduce an approach to model and generate non trivial control options and decisions often made in the operation of manufacturing systems. We also show how complex scenarios can be generated. To support a wide-range of applications our approach is based on the core manufacturing simulation data (CMSD) information model. We implement the design and generation of complex scenarios by processing and combining modeled control options. By using our approach, which also applicable to decision support systems, we can enable model-based closed- loop control based on a symbiotic simulation system and automated model generation and initialization.

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