MAS 2012 Proceeding

MOSIPS agent-based model for predicting and simulating the impact of public policies on SMEs

Authors:   Federico Pablo-Martì, María Teresa Gallo, Antonio García-Tabuenca, Juan Luis Santos, Tomás Mancha


This paper presents MOSIPS (MOdel of Simulation of Impacts of Public Policies on SMEs), a multi-agent model of an open economy. It is part of a user-friendly object-oriented interactive intelligent policy simulation system allowing forecasting and visualizing the socio-economic potential impact of public policies for supporting SMEs. MOSIPS model specifies the characteristics of every agent, and its particular feature is that it locates agents in a spatial raster, using this information to precisely determine the interaction network. It represents the dynamic behaviour of people and enterprises, analysing their decisions and interactions in the social networks. It can be used to model macro-economic features of a system and permits focusing on a specific part of the economy, at sector and spatial level.

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