MAS 2012 Proceeding

Lumped parameters modelling of the furnace and steam systems of a 350 MW boiler

Authors:   Edgardo J. Roldan-Villasana, Ma. Cardoso-G., Jose A. Tavira-Mondragon, Miguel Rossano


The models of the combustion and steam of a boiler real time simulator are presented in this paper. The simulator reproduces the actual behaviour of a steam generator of 350 MW power plant (a dual thermal power station currently operating in Mexico). The simulator is part of an analysis tool that reproduces the response of variables such as temperature, pressure, mass flow and composition of the combustion gases in different parts the boiler under diverse operating conditions. The models were developed using a concentrated parameters approach. The simulator response was validated with extensive tests. Here, the models responses under a couple of transients are discussed.

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