MAS 2012 Proceeding

Food traceability models: an overview of the state of the art

Authors:   Giovanni Mirabelli, Teresa Pizzuti, Fernando Gómez-González, Miguel Angel Sanz-Bobi


The evolution of the information technologies and their impact in the human life promotes an increasing demand of reliable information when security and safety plays a primary role. Nowadays, food traceability represents one of the main concerns in public authorities and industry. Traceability has become a critical part of the agro-food industry. The aim of the agro-food traceability is to allow the full monitoring of a product in the supply chain and trace the history of a good from the producer to the consumer. It is therefore a preventive instrument of quality and safety management. This paper presents an overview about the state of the art of models and systems developed for food traceability. In the first part, a short overview of the regulatory state of the art is presented. Then, the main research works in the area of food traceability are discussed. Finally some considerations are provided.

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