MAS 2012 Proceeding

Modelling and simulation of a fish processing factory ship

Authors:   Nadia Rego Monteil, Raquel Botana Lodeiros, Diego Crespo Pereira, David del Rio Vilas, Rosa Rios Prado


A fish processing factory ship is a large vessel with on- board facilities for the immediately processing and freezing of caught fish. This is a paradigmatic case of changing environment due to the uncertainty in the quantity and quality of the catch, the importance of the human factor and the frequent adverse operation conditions. Decision making processes are especially difficult to set regarding either resource allocation or the mix of products. This paper presents a case study in a Spanish company with special attention to the sources of variability. An overall exploratory DES model of the plant together with a specific DHM simulation of the workers tasks are developed as a means to gain insight into the process. The process efficiency in different production scenarios, the organizational effects in the packing workstation and the ergonomic and operational assessment of the wrapping operations are studied.

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