MAS 2012 Proceeding

Renewable energy sources: advanced solutions for floating photovoltaic systems

Authors:   Giovanni Mirabelli, Letizia Nicoletti, Teresa Pizzuti, Pierluigi Stumpo


In times of crisis, the need to achieve higher levels of competitiveness and reduce costs has driven many companies to use renewable energy sources and take advantage of the related incentives. In addition, the need to reduce delivery service costs and keep good quality standards is noticed by local authorities whose monetary transfers from the central government have been decreased. Moreover Land reclamation and drainage authorities are not exempt from the considerations made above; in fact, they are required to pursue their mission toward the land and the associated farms regardless of the monetary transfers received from the Government. Within this framework, this research work is intended to find new opportunities and new ways to exploit the available resources better. This study has been carried out in collaboration with The University of Calabria, The Land reclamation and drainage authority of Cosenza and the Association Fattorie del Sole - Coldiretti Calabria. In particular, it aims to prove that solar powers from innovative photovoltaic systems, wich are installed on the watersheds managed by the Italian Land Reclamation Consortia, can provide tangible benefits. To this end it has been shown that the most important factors to be considered are the production capacity for each investigated location, the systems structural design and the verification of economic and financial sustainability.

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