MAS 2012 Proceeding

The effect of toe mechanism for simulation of small biped walking robot by gait generation

Authors:   Krissana Nerakae, Hiroshi Hasegawa


The researches of biped robot have a long history and continuation. One important research and very basic movement is walking. However, the present research of biped robot is still far from proposing a solution which generates a level of flexibility and reliability gait pattern that would enable practical walking. To solve its problem, in this paper, we consider the feet of the robot which is one of the most important points as human feet in order to improve the flexibility of robot movement from heel to toe. The design of the various components of the robot feet, its flexibility and stability are excellent although this gait is not suitable for a quick walk. In this study, we introduce feet which have the toe mechanism to a small biped robot through inspiration from its adaptive walk. In the toe mechanism, we want to reduce the power consumption of the robot, therefore spring- damper is used instead of the sensor.

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