MAS 2014 Proceedings

The MAS Conference concentrates on applied Modeling & simulation (M&S) and computer technologies. Application fields include logistics, supply chain management, production control, business and industrial organization and engage users, vendors and scientists operating in applying advanced techniques to industry, business and services.

Proceedings List

Evaluation and modeling some engineering properties of safflower seeds

Authors: Feizollah Shahbazi .

Using lean principles & simulation for productivity improvement: the case of a ceramic industry

Authors: Tiago Silva, Ana Luísa Ramos, José Vasconcelos Ferreira .

One approach of adequate mathematical description construction

Authors: Yuri Menshikov .

The defence of bricks and mortar retailing

Authors: Roderick Duncan, Terry Bossomaier, Steve d'Alessandro .

Simulation of hot spots generation process on separator disc in multi-disc clutch

Authors: Cenbo Xiong, Heyan Li, Song He, Biao Ma, Qingdong Yan, Hongcai Li, Huiyu Xu, Jianwen Chen .

Study of the interactions between stakeholders by a multi-agents system: application to the governance of natural resources in Miarinarivo district (Madagascar)

Authors: Aurélie Gaudieux, Yassine Gangat, Joël Kwan, Rémy Courdier .

A seriuos game for testing business continuity plans in a manufacturing firm

Authors: Arturo Del Vescovo, Serena Rella, Carmine Vox, Maria Grazia Gnoni, Giorgio Mossa .

Model-based prediction of IT service availability ? A literature review

Authors: Sascha Bosse, Matthias Splieth, Klaus Turowski .

Analysis of simulation tools for determining the energy consumption of data centers for cloud computing

Authors: Matthias Splieth, Sascha Bosse, Klaus Turowski .

CFD simulation of a retort process for food vegetable products

Authors: Matteo Folezzani, Michele Manfredi, Giuseppe Vignali .

Supervised growth network SGWRN model can achieve a balanced control of two-wheeled robot

Authors: Fu-jin Li, Mei-jie Huo, Hong-ge Ren, Dong-mei Fei .

Temperature analysis of the water supply system of a dairy company by means of a simulation model

Authors: Davide Marchini, Marta Rinaldi, Roberto Montanari, Eleonora Bottani, Federico Solari .

Simulate enterprise conceptual models execution by coupling enterprise services and DEVS models using workflow

Authors: Hassan Bazoun, Judicael Ribault, Gregory Zacharewicz, Yves Ducq, Hadrien Boyé .

Integration of simulation data for construction project planning using a process-based simulation framework

Authors: Ali Ismail, Raimar Scherer .

Agent-based modelling to analyse the impact of work status on childbirth: a case study of korea

Authors: Mazhar Sajjad, Chang Won Ahn .

Multidisciplinary coordination of on scene command teams in virtual emergency exercises

Authors: Theo van Ruijven, Igor Mayer, Mark de Bruijne .

Modeling and simulation for the performance evaluation of the on-board communication system of a metro train

Authors: Alberto Falcone, Alfredo Garro, Andrea Tundis .

Approximate and exact corrections of the bias in Croston?s method when forecasting lumpy demand: empirical evaluation

Authors: Adriano Solis, Francesco Longo, Somnath Mukhopadhyay, Letizia Nicoletti, Vittoria Brasacchio .

Managing cyber security resources via simulation-based optimization

Authors: Pasquale Legato, Rina Mary Mazza .

Model transformation from BPNM format to OpenERP workflow

Authors: Zhe Liu, Gregory Zacharewicz .

Addressing strategic challenges on mega cities through MS2G

Authors: Agostino G. Bruzzone, Marina Massei, Matteo Agresta, Simonluca Poggi, Fabio Camponeschi, Marco Camponeschi .

Application of evolutionary algorithms for bakery production scheduling

Authors: Florian T. Hecker, Bernd Hitzmann .

Neuronal control strategies for AC-DC converter with power factor correction

Authors: Rijah Rajaonah, Solofanja Rajonirina, Nirnarison Jean Razafinjala .

An integrated simulation model for site layout planning of tunnelling projects

Authors: SeyedReza RazaviAlavi, Simaan AbouRizk .

Analysing and optimising a dual resource constraint production system using simulation

Authors: Katrien Ramaekers, Hanne Pollaris, Lien Claes .

Evaluating the influence of virtual reality based training on worker?s competences in the mining industry.

Authors: Shiva Pedram, Pascal Perez, Stephen Palmisano .

Development of a ?Numerical Ham? model that couples water and salt transfers to proteolysis during the dry-cured ham process

Authors: Rami Harkouss, Cyril Chevarin, Jean-Dominique Daudin, Pierre Sylvain Mirade .

Modeling and simulation for cascading failure considering an AC flow power grid

Authors: Woojin Kim, Chulhan Kim, Hyounglak Jun, Tae-Eog Lee .

Simulation approach for aircraft spare engines & engine parts planning

Authors: Jose Ramirez-Hernandez, Steven Oakley, Mei Zhang, Alejandro Scalise .

Assessing risk and uncertainty: a combined approach based on AHP method

Authors: Fabio De Felice, Antonella Petrillo .

A systems theoretical perspective on data-driven modeling and simulation

Authors: Yilin Huang, Mamadou Seck, Alexander Verbraeck .

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