MAS 2013 Proceedings

The MAS Conference concentrates on applied Modeling & simulation (M&S) and computer technologies. Application fields include logistics, supply chain management, production control, business and industrial organization and engage users, vendors and scientists operating in applying advanced techniques to industry, business and services.

Proceedings List

Proposal of agent simulation methodology for the prospective analysis of mineral commodities markets

Authors: Fenintsoa Andriamasinoro, Bruno Martel-Jantin.

Performance analysis of a water supply system of a dairy company by means of advanced simulative methods

Authors: Davide Marchini, Marta Rinaldi, Roberto Montanari, Eleonora Bottani, Federico Solari.

Simulation analysis for cascading failure of an electrical power grid

Authors: Chulhan Kim, Kiwook Bae, Soojeong Bae, Tae-Eog Lee.

A data collection methodology to perform DHMS-based ergonomic analysis of manufacturing tasks

Authors: Nadia Rego-Monteil, Mariangela Suriano, Diego Crespo Pereira, David del Rio Vilas, Rosa Rios Prado, Francesco Longo.

Comparing material flow control mechanisms using simulation optimization

Authors: Manuela André, Luís Dias, Guilherme Pereira, José Oliveira, Nuno Fernandes, Sílvio Carmo-Silva.

The use of simulation as a tool to support decision-making in a piston manufacturing system

Authors: Alexandre Massote, Bruno Ignácio.

Simulating an internet product delivery supply chain with multi-item orders

Authors: Oliverio Cruz-Mejia, Richard Eglese.

A study of DEVS-based process scheduling on multi-user semiconductor test equipment

Authors: Soonchul Lim, Youngsin Han, Chilgee Lee.

Addressing robust berth planning under uncertainty via simulation based optimization

Authors: Pasquale Legato, Rina Mary Mazza.

Modelling and multiobjective optimization of the VHP sterilization process of pouch packaging

Authors: Matteo Folezzani, Michele Manfredi, Giuseppe Vignali.

Multi-perspective visualization within simulation-based design enhanced shared understanding

Authors: Bart van Zaalen, Rens Kortmann, Wijnand Veeneman, Alexander Verbraeck, Marten Busstra.

Polynomial controller for AC-DC converter with power factor correction

Authors: Jean N. Razafinjaka, Jean Daniel Lan Sun Luk.

A preliminary supply chain model to housing recovery after the occurrence of a natural disaster

Authors: Rafael Diaz, Joshua Behr, Sameer Kumar, Ange Lionel Toba, Francesco Longo, Letizia Nicoletti.

A mechanical approach of multivariate density function approximation

Authors: László Mohácsi, Orsolya Rétallér.

Falling stars: simulation of the effect of firm culture on employee performance

Authors: Roderick Duncan, Terry Bossomaier.

Orchestrating the interoperability workflow within a transport simulation platform

Authors: Judicael Ribault, Gregory Zacharewicz.

The impact of external disturbances on the performance of a cellular manufacturing system

Authors: Sameh M Saad, Carlos R. Gómez, Nabil Gindy.

Modelling fresh goods supply chain contamination

Authors: Agostino Bruzzone, Marina Massei, Matteo Agresta, Angelo Ferrando.

Applying modeling and simulation to evaluate statistical accuracy and inventory control perfomance of lumpy demand forecasting methods

Authors: Adriano Solis, Francesco Longo, Letizia Nicoletti, Aliaksandra Yemialyanava.

Using conversive hidden non-markovian models for multi-touch gesture recognition

Authors: Tim Dittmar, Claudia Krull, Graham Horton.

A flexible decision support tool for maintenance float systems - a simulation approach

Authors: Francisco Peito, Guilherme Pereira, Armando Leitão, Luís Dias, José Oliveira.

From safety requirements to simulation-driven design of safe systems

Authors: Alfredo Garro, Andrea Tundis, Lena Buffoni-Rogovchenko, Peter Fritzson.

Looking for the equilibrium of the shields production system via simulation model

Authors: Pavla Ficova , Martina Kuncova .

A parallel approach of interest management in exascale simulation systems

Authors: Elvis S. Liu.

SimUse: modeling recreational polydrug use through an agent-based model

Authors: Francois Lamy, Terry Bossomaier, Pascal Perez.

Evaluation and modeling the aerodynamic properties of mung bean seeds

Authors: Feizollah Shahbazi, Ali Dowlatshah, Saman Valizadeh.

Using analytic hierarchy process to evaluate human performance

Authors: Fabio De Felice, Antonella Petrillo, Michele Tricarico.

Problems of information systems integration in large transport companies

Authors: Eugene Kopytov, Vasilijs Demidovs, Natalia Petukhova.

Simulating continuous time production flows in food industry by means of discrete event simulation

Authors: Fabio Bursi, Andrea Ferrara, Andrea Grassi, Chiara Ronzoni.

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