MAS 2012 Proceeding

Wrinkle effect in cloth simulation using fluidity control

Authors:   Jaruwan Mesit


In complex environment, the wrinkle effect is essential in cloth simulation for realism in animated soft objects. Animating wrinkle effect requires more computation which leads the unacceptably slow simulation. In this paper, we use fluidity control in general soft body with variation of parameter values to present the wrinkle effect in cloth simulation. The fluidity control in our simulation is fast since only nearby surface points are used in this computation. For the general soft body model in this paper, the structure of the model is provided the structure control while the surface deformation is presented by the fluidity control. For the realism of the model, the gravitational control is exerted for free fall motion of the model. The result presented in the paper shows that the various parameter values in the control can generate wrinkle effects in the cloth simulation.

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