MAS 2012 Proceeding

Visualization in business process simulation

Authors:   Xiaoming Du, Terrence Finandor, Kuzhen Wu, Jialiang Yao


Visualization in Business Process Simulation (BPS) studies techniques and methods for graphically representing abstract business concepts and data set which are produced in simulation design, execution and analysis. Its main goal is to enhance, simplify and clarify the understanding of BPS. Although data/ information visualization has been actively studied, current research is lack of complete and systemic description on how visualization is used in BPS. This paper focuses on the visualization techniques in BPS. Firstly, the procedure of BPS is defined and the role of visualization in BPS is analyzed. Then, three typical visualization techniques are summarized. According to the BPS steps, different visualization usages in different BPS phase are illustrated. Finally, challenges of enhancing the impact of visualization in BPS are concluded.

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