MAS 2012 Proceeding

Simulation of the flood warning process with competency-based description of human resources

Authors:   ?tepán Kuchar, Michal Podhorányi, Jan Martinovic, Ivo Vondrák


This paper describes the flood warning process and its two main parts that are concerned with correctly predicting the potentially coming flood and issuing correct and quick response based on this warning. In order to correctly predict the magnitude of the flood, the hydrometeorology specialists in the process have to be adequately skilled, but process simulation models are not very concerned with accurate human resources modelling. A method for the description of human resources? skills in process simulations is proposed and used to extend the discrete event process simulation method called the BPM Method. This method is then used for modelling and simulation of the flood warning process to identify sections that cause the greatest delay and to propose improvements to the number and skill sets of specialists in the process.

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