MAS 2012 Proceeding

A model of a biofilter for mechanical pulping waste-water treatment

Authors:   Stefano Saetta, Lorenzo Tiacci, Markku Tapola,Sara Hihnala


VOC emissions are released from mechanical pulping process and can be abated by different cleaning technologies. VOC emissions origin both from grinding process and waste water treatment. In Europe the estimated annual total NMVOC emissions from mechanical pulping process is approx. 7.000 tons. Biofiltering is one of the most promising abatement techniques available. This because its reduced CO2 emissions and its long life. In the paper a pilot application to a mechanical pulping waste water system is considered. Mechanical pulping emissions are Volatile Organic Compounds, VOCs. Today VOCs are a main issue in environmental control. The role of Biofiltering in VOC abatement is pointed out in the paper. In the paper a model and a pilot implementation of the Biofilter are introduced. The results of the biofilter used in waste-water treatments are then shown.

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