MAS 2015 Proceeding

The assurance of quality and recognition of researcher?s skilss in Europe towards smart energy regions paradigm

Authors:   N. Kunicina, A. Zabasta, L. Ribickis, D. Bunte, O. Krievs


? the needs for highly qualified researchers, the necessity to gain PhD faster and in more efficient way and the lack of own, i.e. university?s resources, fosters Riga Technical University to enhance acquisition of Open European Initiatives in the beginning stage of researcher?s carrier. The quality assurance procedure was modeled with the aim to assure mature recognition of researcher?s qualification in EU. The proper planning of acquisition of European initiatives, mainly Erasmus and COST programs for development the individual research of early stage researchers, may have a critical contribution towards strengthening of industry driven research activities and competences of young researchers? generation. The case study of successful contribution into COST project targets achievement made by early stage researchers is described in this work.

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