MAS 2015 Proceeding

Impact analysis of a cross-channel retailing system in the fashion industry by a simulation approach

Authors:   Alessandra Lanzilotto, Giada Martino, Maria Grazia Gnoni, Raffaele Iannone


In recent years, the wide spread of e-commerce and mobile channel purchasing has deeply changed retailing sector, leading to the unavoidable necessity of integrating them with the physical stores. In this context, main purpose of the present work is to analyse how the introduction of this new integrated strategy, called cross- channel retailing, can impact on the performances of a traditional supply chain. In order to analyze the change in trend of a defined set of KPIs, a simulation model has been developed. It uses, as case study, a Fashion and Apparel Retailing company that manages an extended network of both direct-operated and franchising mono- brand stores. Simulation results show that, despite a decrease in service level, the adoption of a cross-channel strategy may result in a significant cost reduction due to the better management of replenishments to stores.

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