MAS 2015 Proceeding

Optimal control strategy of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles

Authors:   Wonki Kim, Yonghyeok Ji, Shunghwa Lee, Hyeongcheol Lee


Development of eco-friendly vehicles is in progress in order to reduce emissions of greenhouse gas and oil usage. Among the eco-friendly vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (plug-in HEV) have attracted much attention. Unlike the existing hybrid vehicle, the control method of the plug-in hybrid vehicle is different, because the distance that can be driven only by the motor increases now. In this paper, we'll describe the equivalent consumption minimization strategy (ECMS) that has been used in hybrid vehicles. However, this control strategy is difficult to be applied for to an actual vehicle because parameters are changed according to the driving cycle. Thus, this paper suggests a novel ECMS control strategy to overcome these limitations. As a result, compared with other control strategies, the novel ECMS control strategy can appear the best result of improving the fuel economy, and it is less sensitive to changes in the driving cycle.

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