MAS 2015 Proceeding

An integrated decision support system to solve multi-criteria orienteering problem

Authors:   Pasquale Carotenuto, Ilaria Baffo, Fabio De Felice, Antonella Petrillo


In this work we proposed an integrated support system combining a meta-heuristic algorithm and a multi- criteria decision analysis method to solve an orienteering problem applied to car-pooling system. For this purpose a Genetic Algorithm (GA), an Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) are implemented. The research is based on the awareness that decision makers (DMs) often face situations in which different conflicting viewpoints (goals or criteria) are to be considered. Current car-pooling web platforms are focused on the exchange of information among potential users and drivers. The aim of this work is to include in web platform a decision procedure to support driver to organize the tour considering more criteria. The driver has to decide which tour does and which users to take into the trip Preliminary test are given to validate the functionality and usefulness of created integrated decision support system.

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