MAS 2015 Proceeding

A positional study for network modeling using Zigbee protocol

Authors:   Leonardo Lanzellotti, Larissa P. M. Cruz, Maria Celia S. Lopes,Gerson Gomes Cunha, Luiz Landau


Zigbee technology makes possible to design a high distance network with low cost, and low communication rate. Mapping and locating of objects is one of the possible approaches of zigbee networks. Our research is based on the intrinsic intelligence of a zigbee network with low rates of transmission however, high efficiency in mapping objects. Our study focused in basic uses cases, for example, tracing certain trajectories. This work is also focused in the location of mobile objects from a fixed device, used for reference sectors within a determined area. Other example shows the location of the objects in the sector that this objects belongs to. Our proposal is to use the prototype tool developed for this study, named TinyBee, in order to validate the tests applied using zigbee nodes and to present their results.

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