MAS 2015 Proceeding

Improvement of the warehouse operation in the furniture company on the basis of the simulation study

Authors:   Bronislav Chramcov, Petr ?o?olík, Robert Bucki


The paper highlights the problem of computer simulation usage aimed at the warehouse operation improvement in the furniture company. Attention is paid mainly to the processes of receipt of parts in the warehouse. The simulation study ties together the project of the controlled warehouse implemented by the company. The goal of the simulation study is to verify whether workers are able to complete the intake of all parts within standard working hours. Subsequently, experiments with the use of the proposed model help to formulate recommendations which are to increase the productivity of processes and put down the time needed for the intake process into the warehouse. The Witness simulation environment is used for modelling and the subsequent simulation process. The simulation experiments are evaluated according to the total time needed for the intake of all parts, productivity of workers and the amount of overtime work. Finally, the proposed simulation experiments and evaluation of achieved results are described in detail.

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