MAS 2015 Proceeding

A decision support system for the prioritization of projects and investments to maximize impact on regional development

Authors:   Anton Cotelo Garcia, Pablo Diaz de la Cuesta, Juan Diaz Pardo, David del Rio Vilas


Funding specific projects and actions may be used to boost a region's economic growth, but maximizing impact requires making wise, well-informed investment allocation decisions. Multiple-criteria analysis provides a means for comprehensively considering and carefully weighing the financial, environmental, political, regulatory, and practical aspects involved in such complex decisions. Designing methodologies that take these variables into account, as well as software tools to effectively manage and support data associated with the various alternatives under consideration can greatly help with this process. This paper presents a methodology for the prioritization of projects aimed at regional development and the decision support tool developed for its implementation. This methodology was used for the elaboration of the Investment Master Plan (IMP) for the PRODEPRO project in Brazil.

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