MAS 2015 Proceeding

Internet of Things (IoT) applications study using big data and virtualization process technology

Authors:   Albino Ribeiro Neto, Gerson Gomes Cunha, Luiz Landau, Sergio Poliano Villarreal, Cristina Jasbinscheck Haguenauer


This paper is about the study about the Internet of things (IoT) applications using Big Data (or "data analytics ") and the virtualization process. The Internet of things is at the beginning, but is expected that in the near future will transform the world, creating a giant network of devices and machines globally connected, aggressively increasing communication and data exchange, the IoT is still seen as fiction, but in reality this world already exists through numerous devices present in our daily lives the "wearables" (term meaning technologies to wear) like tablets, smartphones, smart watches and bracelets. With the use of IoT comes the solution of various problems, but through this intense communication another problem is created, the huge volume of collected data. This problem is being solved by Big Data, that handles structured and unstructured data.

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