MAS 2015 Proceeding

Augmented reality to support 3D visualization of geometric elements in classroom with AR teacher tools

Authors:   Livia Fernandes, Leonardo Lanzellotti, Celia Lopes, Gerson G. Cunha, Luiz Landau


The augmented reality technology has too many direct applications for different areas. However, some contexts are more likely have particular possibilities to improve teaching techniques, and consequently, improving the quality of learning. Our approach consider a specific scene, where a teacher exposes visual content to his class, thus, the model itself helps not only understanding the 3D objects, but also the teacher's analysis. Aiming to bring an alternative concept in teaching people based on a tri-dimensional environment analysis, the teacher applies this idea of learning to classroom context, through the use of portable devices such as tablets and smartphones.Superimposing augmented reality content previously built from drawings may help improving the students understanding in migrating from 3D augmented environment to the real 2D environment.

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