EMSS 2008 Proceedings

The dynamic changing behavior of industry processes, due to markets globalization, requires continuous research and development advances for guarantying higher competitiveness. Modeling & Simulation is a growing research field capable of supporting, as powerful decision making tool, industrial evolution. Authors are kindly invited to include in their papers and presentations all the research works, case studies and application both theoretical and applied.

Proceedings List

Self-learning navigation maps based upon data-driven models using recorded heterogeneous GPS tracks

Authors: Clemens Novak, Barbara Franz, Herwig Mayr, Michal Vesely .

Optimization of medical ultrasound transducers with simulation and genetic algorithms

Authors: Monika Kofler, Andreas Beham, Michael Affenzeller, Stefan Wagner .

Modeling of heuristic optimization algorithms

Authors: Stefan Wagner, Gabriel Kronberger,Andreas Beham, Stephan Winkler, Michael Affenzeller .

A cad system in augmented reality application

Authors: Pier Paolo Valentini, Davide Gattamelata, Eugenio Pezzuti .

Spherical harmonics algorithm for dynamic light in real time

Authors: Lien Muguercia Torres .

A new haptic-based tool for training in medicine

Authors: Tommaso Ingrassia, Vincenzo Nigrelli .

A web3d application for the bin-packing problem

Authors: Fabio Bruno, Francesco Caruso,Ornella Pisacane, Roberto Musmanno, Maurizio Muzzupappa, Francesco Rende, Giovanni Venuto .

Mixed-reality environment based on haptics and interactive simulation for product design review

Authors: Monica Bordegoni, Francesco Ferrise, Marco Ambrogio,Giandomenico Caruso, Fabio Bruno, Francesco Caruso .

Simulation analyses of non-kinematic conical roll bending process with conical rolls

Authors: Zhengkun Feng, Henri Champliaud, Thien-My Dao .

Cardioscope simulator system

Authors: Zenon Chaczko, Hany Shehata .

Library for dynamic simulation of reverse osmosis plants

Authors: Luis G. Palacin, Cesar de Prada, S. Syafiie, Fernando Tadeo .

Using an advanced discrete-event simulation framework to productive capacity management of a car-parts factory

Authors: Adrián M. Aguirre, Enrique J. Müller,Sebastián E. Seffino, Carlos A. Méndez .

Classic and advanced models for controlling HVAC systems in a university building

Authors: Eladio Sanz, Belén Pérez-Lancho, Pastora Vega, Mario Francisco .

Modeling and evaluation of alternative production scenarios in the field of composite manufacturing

Authors: Bernd Scholz-Reiter, Michael Lütjen .

Energy efficiency in a steel plant using optimization-simulation

Authors: Ivan Ferretti,Simone Zanoni, Lucio Zavanella .

Object oriented library for dynamic modeling and simulation of sugar houses for operators training

Authors: Rogelio Mazaeda, César de Prada .

Analysis and optimization of complex small-lot production in new manufacturing facilities based on discrete simulation

Authors: Václav Votava, Zdenek Ulrych, Milan Edl, Michal Korecký, Václav Trkovský .

A smart-shop system - multiagent simulation system for monitoring retail activities

Authors: Zenon Chaczko, Christopher C.Chiu .

A model for energy predictions of a hotel room

Authors: Adriana Acosta Corzo, Ana Isabel González Santos, Jesús M. Zamarreńo Cosme, Víctor Álvarez Castelló .

A stochastic approach to improve performance of production lines

Authors: Cecilia Zanni, Philippe Bouché.

CACSD tool for simulation and performance of multi-rate sampled-data systems

Authors: Yolanda Cerezo, Ignacio López, Alfredo Cuesta, Luis Grau .

Evaluation and optimisation of manufacturing system using simulation modelling and design of experiment

Authors: Vittorio Cesarotti, Bruna Di Silvio, Vito Introna,Giovanni Mori .

Data driven adaptive model predictive control with constraint

Authors: Norhaliza Abdul Wahab, Jonas Balderud, Reza Katebi .

Pedestrain cellular automata and industrial process simulation

Authors: Alan Jolly, Rex Oleson II, David Kaup .

Simulation model of airport runway incursions

Authors: Luigi Careddu, Francesco Costantino, Giulio Di Gravio .

Mathematical models of gas fired boilers

Authors: Renzo Tosato .

Toward an integration of risk analysis in supply chain assessment

Authors: Jean-Claude Hennet, Jean-Marc Mercantini, Isabel Demongodin .

Supply chain management throught P and PI controllers

Authors: Carlos Andres Garcia,Pedro Balaguer, Ramón Vilanova .

Fuzzy simulation for infrastructure effects uncertainty analysis

Authors: Donald Dudenhoeffer, Milos Manic .

Subproblem solving and machine prioritization in the shifting bottleneck procedure for weighted tardiness job shops

Authors: Roland Braune .

A parallel programming methodology using communication patterns named cpans or composition of parallel object

Authors: Mario Rossainz López, Manuel I. Capel-Tuńón .

Analysis of time warp on a 32,768 processor ibm blue Gene/L supercomputer

Authors: Akintayo O. Holder, Christopher D. Carothers .

Discrete event simulation with universal programming languages on multicore processors

Authors: Thomas Wiedemann .

Templates for distributed agent-based simulations on a quasi opportunistic grid

Authors: Laszlo Gulyas, Walter de Back, Gabor Szemes, Krzysztof Kurowski, Werner Dubitzky,George Kampis .

On-board operative adviced expert systems for one-seat aircrafts and structure of their knowledge bases

Authors: Boris Evgenjevich Fedunov.

Modeling and simulation of a nanostructure for a single electron technology implementation

Authors: Cristian Ravariu, Adrian Rusu, Ala Bondarciuc, Florina Ravariu, Tudor Niculiu, Florin Babarada, Vlad Bondarciuc.

Some esthetical valences of the spatial locality. Towards artificial esthetics

Authors: Cristian Lupu .

Hierarchical intelligent analog simulation

Authors: Tudor Niculiu, Alexandru Copilau, Cristian Lupu, Anton Manolescu .

A cluster-based optimization approach for the vehicle routing problem with time windows

Authors: Michael Bögl .

Simulations with unified mosfet model for distortions analysis

Authors: Florin Babarada,Adrian Rusu, Tudor Niculiu, Cristian Ravariu, Dragos Vizireanu, Carmen Moldovan, Elena Manea,Camelia Dunare, Madalina Mlak.

Failure process simulation of a component-based software

Authors: Florentina Suter .

Evaluation of ga estimation parameters in wideband piezoelectric transducers employing a comprehensive modeling tool

Authors: Abelardo Ruíz Toledo,David K. Anthony, Antonio Ramos Fernández .

A neural maximum selector: explicit parameter set-up for time performance

Authors: Ruxandra L. Costea, Corneliu A. Marinov .

Optimizing hinterland terminal operation using simulation and neural networks

Authors: Manfred Gronalt, Thouraya Benna, Martin Posset .

Quadratic computational circuits for vlsi designs

Authors: Cosmin Popa .

Practical stability of positive fractional discrete-time linear systems

Authors: Tadeusz Kaczorek .

Entities with combined discrete-continuous attributes in discrete-eventdriven systems

Authors: Kristina Dammasch, Graham Horton .

Simulation model of a polymerization plant

Authors: Dejan Gradisar, Vladimir Jovan, Sebastjan Zorzut .

Timed petri net simulation and related scheduling methods: a brief comparison

Authors: Gasper Music .

Artificial neural network-based classification of vector sets for surface inspection

Authors: Michael Gyimesi, Felix Breitenecker, Wolfgang Heidl, Christian Eitzinger .

Sensor network based conflict resolution in autonomous multiagent systems

Authors: Witold Jacak, Karin PrÖll .

Distributed discrete simulation on the web

Authors: Aman Atri, Felix Breitenecker, Nicole Nagele, Shabnam Tauböck .

Structural features in simulation systems ? evolution and comparison

Authors: Felix Breitenecker, Nikolas Popper, Günther Zauner .

Internal/external event ? structure in simulators ? case studies with argesim comparisons

Authors: Felix Breitenecker, Siegried Wassertheurer, Stefan Emrich, Nicolas Popper,Günther Zauner .

A petri net approach to argesim comparison c2 ?flexible assembly system? using the matlab petrisimm toolbox

Authors: Thomas Löscher, Felix Breitenecker .

New approaches of combined modelling and simulation in health care systems and management

Authors: Nikolas Popper, Michael Gyimesi, Günther Zauner, Felix Breitenecker .

A petri net model for an active database simulator

Authors: Joselito Medina-Marín, XiaoouLi, José Ramón Corona-Armenta, Marco Antonio Montúfar-Benítez, Oscar Montańo-Arango,Aurora Pérez-Rojas .

Degoms, a systematic way for task modelling and simulation

Authors: Ali Mroue, Jean Caussanel .

Net centric modelling and simulation using actordevs

Authors: Franco Cicirelli, Angelo Furfaro, Andrea Giordano, Libero Nigro .

Modelling of immune functions in a wireless sensors network

Authors: Jan Nikodem,Ryszard Klempous, Zenon Chaczko .

Temporal analysis of complex time-dependent systems: an approach based on time petri nets, actordevs and hla

Authors: Franco Cicirelli, Angelo Furfaro, Libero Nigro,Francesco Pupo .

Hybrid approach for modeling and control warehouse systems

Authors: Filippo Sarri,Rinaldo Rinaldi .

Improving a process in a brazilian automotive plant applying process mapping, design of experiments and discrete events simulation

Authors: José Arnaldo Montevechi, Alexandre de Pinho, Fabiano Leal, Fernando Marins, Rafael Costa .

An application for web-based modeling and simulation

Authors: Yurena García-Hevia, Ivan Castilla, Rosa María Aguilar, Roberto Muńoz .

Transient simulation of balanced bidding in keyword auctions

Authors: Maurizio Naldi,Giuseppe D'Acquisto .

A markov process for reflective petri nets

Authors: Lorenzo Capra .

Analysis, modeling and simulation of the incorporation of egovernment in administrative processes

Authors: Pedro Baquero, Yurena García-Hevia, Rosa María Aguilar .

Simulation of trust in client- wealth management advisor relationships

Authors: Terry Bossomaier, Russell Standish .

Two-phase simulation optimisation procedure with applications to multiechelon cyclic planning

Authors: Galina Merkuryeva, Liana Napalkova .

Enabling advanced simulation scenarios with new software engineering techniques

Authors: Judicael Ribault, Olivier Dalle .

Metamodelling for analyzing scenarios of urban crisis and area stabilization by applying intelligent agents

Authors: Agostino Bruzzone, Achille Scavotti, Marina Massei,Alberto Tremori .

Supply chain vulnerability and resilience: a state of the art overview

Authors: Francesco Longo, Tuncer Ören .

Incorporating "big five" personality factors into crowd simulation

Authors: Sivakumar Jaganathan, Peter Kincaid, Thomas Clarke .

Study of biologically-inspired network systems: mapping colonies to large- scale networks

Authors: Ahmet Zengin, Hessam Sarjoughian, Hüseyin Ekiz .

Emergence, anticipation and multisimulation: bases for conflict simulation

Authors: Tuncer Ören, Francesco Longo .

Performance evaluation of quantum cascaded lasers through VisSim modeling

Authors: Mohamed Bakry El Mashade, Imbaby Ismail Mahmoud, Mohamed Said El Tokhy .

Selecting the optimum by searching and ranking procedures in simulation based optimization

Authors: Pasquale Legato, Rina Mary Mazza .

Modelling, simulation and optimization of logistic systems

Authors: Pasquale Legato,Daniel Gullě, Roberto Trunfio .

Runway capacity optimization: aircraft sequencing in mixed mode operation

Authors: Olatunde Temitope Baruwa, Miquel Angel Piera .

Great but flawed expectations: on the importance of presumptions and astonishment in model and simulation based risk management

Authors: Marko Hofmann,Thomas Krieger .

Effective allele preservation by offspring selection: an empirical study for the TSP

Authors: Michael Affenzeller, Stefan Wagner, Stephan Winkler .

Modelling and simulation of autonomous logistic processes

Authors: Bernd Scholz-Reiter,Torsten Hildebrandt, Jan Kolditz .

An analytical approach for optimising the number of repairmen for large scale, homogeneous, multi-server systems

Authors: Orhan Gemikonakli, Hadi Sanei, Enver Ever, Altan Koçyi?it .

A solution for improved modelling efficiency of a multi-disciplinary marine power system

Authors: Jeroen Schuddebeurs, Patrick Norman, Ian Elders, Stuart Galloway, Campbell Booth, Graeme Burt, Judith Apsley .

Airport terminals? performance analysis: a case study

Authors: Antonio Cimino, Duilio Curcio, Giovanni Mirabelli, Enrico Papoff .

On the use of optical flow to test crowd simulations

Authors: David Kaup, Thomas Clarke, Linda Malone, Rex Oleson, Mario Rosa .

Proxel-based simulation of queuing systems with attributed customers

Authors: Claudia Krull, Wenjing Xu, Graham Horton .

Simulation and optimization of vehicular flows in a harbour

Authors: Raffaella Frattaruolo, Rosanna Manzo,Luigi RaritĂ .

A graphical tool for the simulation of supply chains using fluid dynamic models

Authors: Alfredo Cutolo, Carmine De Nicola, Rosanna Manzo .

Heuristic procedures for probabilistic project scheduling

Authors: Patrizia Beraldi, Maria Elena Bruni, Francesca Guerriero, Erika Pinto .

Highway traffic model based on cellular automata: preliminary simulation results with congestion pricing considerations

Authors: Salvatore Di Gregorio, RenatoUmeton, Andrea Bicocchi, Andrea Evangelisti, Miguel Gonzalez .

A formal approach for optimized system engineering

Authors: Yann Pollet, Olfa Chourabi .

Hydrological risk analysis of the solimőes river using extreme value theory

Authors: Alexandra R. M. Almeida, Beatriz V. M. Mendes, Maria Célia S. Lopes, Gerson G. Cunha .

Event scheduling made easy: basic simulation facility revisited

Authors: Luis Dias,Guilherme Pereira, José Oliveira .

Incorporating physical knowledge about the formation of nitric oxides into evolutionary system identification

Authors: Stephan Winkler, Markus Hirsch, Michael Affenzeller, Luigi del Re, Stefan Wagner .

Hada: towards a generic tool for data analysis for hospital simulations,

Authors: Iván Castilla Rodríguez, Murat Gunal, Michael Pidd,R. M. Aguilar .

Biomimetic middleware for wireless sensor networks

Authors: Zenon Chaczko .

A model to describe the hospital drug distribution system via first order hybrid petri nets

Authors: Mariagrazia Dotoli, Maria Pia Fanti, Agostino Marcello Mangini, Walter Ukovich .

Complex organization modeling and simulation approach for operational scenarios study: application to health care organization

Authors: A.S.Rebai, V.Chapurlat, D.Diep.

Mobile game-based learning simulations for crisis management training. A case study ?mogabal for e-health?

Authors: Stefano Mininel, Federica Vatta, Sara Gaion,Walter Ukovich .

A high performance computing-based approach for the realistic modeling and simulation of eeg activity

Authors: Federica Vatta, Stefano Mininel, Paolo Bruno, Fabio Meneghini, Francesco Di Salle .

Modeling of marine systems and processes aimed at optimal ship handling

Authors: Enco Tireli, Josko Dvornik, Srdan Dvornik.

Assessing pooling policies in multi-retailer inventory system with lost sales

Authors: Mounira Tlili, Mohamed Moalla, Jean Pierre Campagne, Zied Bahroun .

Modelling and controller prototyping for unmanned vertical take off and landing (UVTOL)) vehicles

Authors: Alexander Martinez, Pedro Gutierrez, Claudio Rossi,Antonio Barrientos, Jaime Del Cerro, Rodrigo San Martin.

On the integrated production and preventive maintenance problem in manufacturing systems with backorder

Authors: Jean-Pierre Kenne, Ali Gharbi, Mounir Beit .

Simulation optimization with heuristiclab

Authors: Andreas Beham, Michael Affenzeller,Stefan Wagner, Gabriel Kronberger .

Inventory management costs analysis under different control policies

Authors: Antonio Cimino, Duilio Curcio, Giovanni Mirabelli, Enrico Papoff .

Demand forecasting and lot sizing heuristics to generate cost effective production plans: a simulation study on a company in the wood floors sector

Authors: Lorenzo Tiacci, Stefano Saetta .

Study of vehicular interaction in heterogeneous traffic flow on intercity highways using microscopic simulationn

Authors: Venkatachalam Thamizh Arasan, Shriniwas Arkatkar.

Geometric and multibody modeling of rider-motorcycle system

Authors: Michele Calě,Massimo Oliveri, Gaetano Sequenzia, Francesco Trovato.

Modeling, simulation and ergonomic standards as support tools for a workstation design in manufacturing system

Authors: Antonio Cimino, Giovanni Mirabelli.

Optimizing time performance in reachability tree-based simulation

Authors: Miguel Mujica, Miquel Angel Piera, Mercedes Narciso.

First principles modeling of the large hydron collider?s (LHC) super fluid helium cryogenic circuit

Authors: Rafal Noga, Cesar de Prada.

Recognition of transitions between different phases of the product life cycle

Authors: Anatoly Sukov .

Solving the pallet loading problem using a coloured petri net approach

Authors: Miquel Angel Piera, Catya Zuńiga.

Shop orders scheduling: dispatching rules and genetic algorithms based approaches

Authors: Antonio Cimino, Francesco Longo, Giovanni Mirabelli, Enrico Papoff.

Sensitivity analysis and optimization of different inventory control policies along the supply chain

Authors: Duilio Curcio, Francesco Longo.

An approach for fault detection in DEVS models

Authors: Diego M. Llarrull, Norbert Giambiasi.

Analysis of shipboard survivable fire main systems

Authors: Albert Ortiz, Don Dalessandro,Dong Qing, Li Bai, Saroj Biswas.

Modeling and evaluation of distinct alternative designs for wide-band aircoupled piezoelectric transducers

Authors: Abelardo Ruíz Toledo, Tomas E. Gómez Álvarez-Arenas.

Workplaces effective ergonomic design: a literature review

Authors: Antonio Cimino,Duilio Curcio, Francesco Longo, Giovanni Mirabelli.

Evolutionary metamodelling of discrete-event simulation models

Authors: Birkan Can,Gearoid Murphy, Cathal Heavey .

Data mining via distributed genetic programming agents

Authors: Gabriel Kronberger,Stephan Winkler, Michael Affenzeller, Stefan Wagner .

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