EMSS 2009 Proceedings

The dynamic changing behavior of industry processes, due to markets globalization, requires continuous research and development advances for guarantying higher competitiveness. Modeling & Simulation is a growing research field capable of supporting, as powerful decision making tool, industrial evolution. Authors are kindly invited to include in their papers and presentations all the research works, case studies and application both theoretical and applied.

Proceedings List

Simulation and optimization of dynamical systems

Authors: Cesar de Prada.

A constraint programming-based library for the vehicle routing problem

Authors: Daniel Riera, Àngel A. Juan, Daniel Guimarans Estel·la Pagans.

A hybrid constraint programming / local search approach to the pick-up and delivery problem with time windows

Authors: Daniel Guimarans, Juan José Ramos, Mark Wallace , Daniel Riera.

A Hyper-heuristic approach for modeling assignation prioritization rules on VRPTW constructive heuristic by neural networks.

Authors: Diego Crespo Pereira, David del Río Vilas, Alejandro García del Valle, Adolfo Lamas Rodríguez.

Solving the travelling salesman problem with timewindows by lagrangean relaxation

Authors: R. Herrero, J. J. Ramos and D. Guimarans .

Cooperation among production chains to mitigate their environmental impact

Authors: V. Albino, A.C. Garavelli, A. Messeni Petruzzelli, D.M. Yazan.

Demand forecasting. The case of an international furniture company

Authors: Stefano SAETTA, Lorenzo TIACCI.

An agent-directed multisimulation framework for management simulation games

Authors: Galina Merkuryeva, Jana Bikovska, Tuncer Ören .

Risk analysis for industrial plants projects: an innovative approach based on simulation techniques with experimental error control

Authors: Roberto Mosca,Agostino G.Bruzzone,Lucia Cassettari, Marco Mosca.

Simulation and analysis of a production line with multiple output formats

Authors: Andrea Grassi, Giuseppe Perrica, Elisa Gebennini, Sara Dallari, Cesare Fantuzzi, Bianca Rimini.

Simulation as support for layout redesign and production line moving

Authors: Marina Massei, Francesco Longo, Federico Tarone, Alberto Tremori.

Simulation, risks modeling and sensors technologies for container terminals security

Authors: Francesco Longo, Giovanni Mirabelli, Alberto Tremori.

Telescope instrument simulator modeling framework for control system development support

Authors: Jose Maria Perez Menor, Jose Carlos Lopez Ruiz, Pablo Lopez Ramos.

Tests and simulation of gas boilers in domestic heating plants

Authors: Renzo Tosato.

A semantic approach to simulation component identification and discovery

Authors: Marianela García Lozano, Farshad Moradi, Eneko Ibarzabal, Edward Tjörnhammar.

Asymptotic stability of positive fractional 2d linear systems with delays

Authors: Tadeusz Kaczorek.

Design of automotive components using advanced cae systems

Authors: L. Barbieri, F. Bruno, M. L. Luchi, G. Malito, M. Muzzupappa, F. Rotini.

Development of a cargo screening process simulator: a first approach

Authors: Peer-Olaf Siebers, Galina Sherman, Uwe Aickelin.

Metro simulation and optimization

Authors: A. Guasch, D. Huguet, J. Montero, J. Figueras.

Modeling and simulation of an ultra-stable cryostat for nahual

Authors: D. Sosa-Cabrera and F.J. Fuentes.

The effects of brand equity on price strategies: an agent based model

Authors: Sebastiano A. Delre, Skander Essegaier.

Optimization approach to power limits in flow energy systems

Authors: Stanislaw Sieniutycz.

Optimization of flows and analysis of equilibria in telecommunication networks

Authors: Ciro D?Apice, Rosanna Manzo, Luigi Rarità.

Programming languages as tools for structured description and simulation of information systems

Authors: Eugene Kindler, Ivan K?ivý, Cyril Klime?.

Solving hidden non-markovian models: how to compute conditional state change probabilities

Authors: Claudia Krull, Graham Horton.

Use of simulation in egovernment process development. A case study using the simulation tool SIGHOS.

Authors: Y. Callero, R. Aguilar.

Using discrete-event simulation to design reliable and cost efficient Civil-Engineering structures

Authors: A. Juan, A. Ferrer, C. Serrat, J. Faulin, J. Hester , P. Lopez.

Considering workpieces as integral parts of a DEVS model

Authors: Christina Deatcu, Thorsten Pawletta, Olaf Hagendorf, Bernhard Lampe.

Extended dynamic structure devs

Authors: Olaf Hagendorf, Thorsten Pawletta , Christina Deatcu .

TSM:: temporal sequential machines

Authors: Norbert GIAMBIASI.

Validating the global behavior of a system described with scenarios using gdevs and z.

Authors: Trojet wassim, Sqali mamoun, Lucile Torres, Claudia Frydman, Amine Hamri.

A general approach to high fidelity modeling, simulation and control of tactical entities and implementation in a commercial computer generated forces toolkit

Authors: Deniz Aldogan, Mehmet Haklidir, Levent Hakki Senyurek, Seniha Koksal, Omer Eroglu,Cemil Akdemir, Semuel Franko, Isa Tasdelen, Sevgi Akgun.

Java for parallel discrete event simulation: a survey

Authors: I. Castilla, R. Aguilar.

Agent simulation of flour silo installations as planning tool for decision-making

Authors: Alexander Ulbrich, Ralf Kraul, Christoph Tilke, Mukul Agarwal, Willibald A. Günthner.

Modbus based protocol for communication between a distributed co-simulation backbone and real elements for simulation matters

Authors: Tales Marchesan Chaves, Bráulio Adriano de Mello, Paulo Betencourt.

Simulation-based model of a distributed GMPLS-based IP-over-optical network

Authors: S. Albarrak.

The discrete event simulation framework DESMO-J and its application to the java-based simulation of mobile ad hoc networks

Authors: J. Göbel, A.E. Krzesinski, B. Page.

Decision taking on the production strategy of a manufacturing facility. An integrated methodology

Authors: Juan Ignacio Latorre, Emilio Jiménez, Mercedes Pérez.

Conscience simulation

Authors: Tudor Niculiu, Maria Niculiu.

Silicon oxide and high-k dielectics modelling and simulation for advanced semiconductor devices

Authors: Florin Babarada.

Simulation-based optimization of process network synthesis using structured-state reinforcement learning

Authors: Pedro Toledo, José Ignacio Estévez, Silvia Alayón, José Sigut.

The simulation of a biosensor in mems configuration

Authors: C. Ravariu, F. Babarad.

Bioinformatics resource facility hagenberg?building high performance computing services for solving bioinformatical problems

Authors: Peter Kulczycki, Hannes Brandstätter-Müller, Gerald Lirk.

Collaborative knowledge networks based on IHE

Authors: Josef Altmann, Franz Pfeifer, Melanie Strasser, Barbara Franz, Herwig Mayr.

Modelling and simulation with discrete and continuous PN:semantics and delays

Authors: Emilio Jiménez, Mercedes Pérez, Juan Ignacio Latorre.

Coupling effects in the bidomain model of functional electrical stimulation

Authors: Martinek, Mandl, Mayr , Rattay, Reichel.

Optimizing video-oculography systems by simulating the effect of slippage artifacts

Authors: Michael Platz, James K. Y. Ong, Thomas Haslwanter.

Evaluation of a statistical shape model based approach for recovering the 3d LV shape from projective x-ray images

Authors: R. Swoboda, G. Zwettler, C. Steinwender, F. Leisch, J. Scharinger.

Fast fully-automated model-driven liver segmentation utilizing slicewise applied levelsets on large CT data

Authors: Gerald Zwettler, Franz Pfeifer, Roland Swoboda, Werner Backfrieder.

Heuristic modeling of the mental progress of persons with normal brain aging, subjective cognitive impairment, mild cognitive impairment, Alzheimer?s disease and related dementia disorders

Authors: Stephan Winkler, Stefanie Auer, Michael Affenzeller, Yvonne Donabauer, Barry Reisberg.

Individual assessment of muscle fatigue and its relation to the N-repetition maximum

Authors: Andreas Schrempf, Daniel Hametner and Armin Blaha.

Integrated care using a model-based patient record data exchange platform

Authors: Barbara Franz, Herwig Mayr, Margit Mayr, Franz Pfeifer, Josef Altmann, Markus Lehner.

Modeling of standardized data entry in dermoscopy

Authors: S. Dreiseitl, K. Auracher, S. Puig, J. Malvehy.

Modelling and simulation of the anesthetic process

Authors: Juan Albino Méndez, Héctor Reboso, José Antonio Reboso and Santiago Torres.

PCA filter for szintigraphic imaging

Authors: Werner Backfrieder, Martin Forster, Wilma Maschek.

Primos: an integrated platform for exploring protein-protein interactions

Authors: Thomas Kern, Michael Kommenda, Viktoria Dorfer, Johann W. Bauer, Kamil Önder.

Performance optimization of a CNC machine through exploration of timed state space

Authors: Miguel A. Mujica, Miquel Angel Piera.

Q-learning based therapy modeling

Authors: Witold Jacak, Karin Proell.

Towards a numerical 3d model of functional electrical stimulation of denervated, degenerated human skeletal muscle

Authors: Thomas Mandl, Johannes Martinek, Winfried Mayr, Frank Rattay, Martin Reichel, Ewald Moser.

Challenges of building a simulation model of the german mental health care system

Authors: Kristina Dammasch, Benjamin Rauch-Gebbensleben, Christfried Tögel, Graham Horton.

Meningitis: the quiet before the storm?(simulation of an on-campus outbreak)

Authors: Tracy A. Atkins, Ken K. Westerlund, Christine M. Allen, Omar Thompson.

Outpatient appointment scheduling with patient characteristics

Authors: Athula Wijewickrama.

Sicma simulation of crisis management activities

Authors: G. La Posta, T. Mischi.

Petri net based scheduling approach combining dispatching rules and local search

Authors: Gasper Music.

The design of a manufacturing facility. An efficient approach based on alternatives aggregation petri nets.

Authors: Juan Ignacio Latorre, Emilio Jiménez, Mercedes Pérez , Eduardo Martínez.

The problem of designing discrete events systems. A new methodological approach

Authors: Juan Ignacio Latorre, Emilio Jiménez, Mercedes Pérez, Julio Blanco.

Towards cosimulating systemc and coloured petri net models for SoC functional and performance evaluation

Authors: M. Westergaard,L.M. Kristensen,M. Kuusela.

A dynamic process modeling of warehouse operations

Authors: Raid Al-Aomar, Amer Momani.

Automatic warehouse modeling and simulation

Authors: A. Guasch, M.A. Piera, J. Figueras.

Methods for analysis of the time aspect in the behavior of agentbased material flow controls

Authors: Sergey Libert, Andreas Nettsträter, Michael ten Hompel.

The impact of strategy on material handling system performance: case studies in an order picking system

Authors: Gaby Neumann.

A stochastic model for vehicular resuspension exposure near unpaved roads

Authors: Wellens A., Jazcilevich A., Siebe C., Rosas I. , Riojas H..

Dynamic stand assignment to improve airport gates occupancy

Authors: Miquel Angel Piera, Mercedes Narciso, Juan Jose Ramos ,Toni Laserna.

Analysis and simulation of political parties with different statistical distributions

Authors: Alejandro Suárez Buenrostro, Miguel Angel Martínez Cruz, Idalia Flores de la Mota.

Network design using mix integer programming and Montecarlo simulation in an international supply chain network.

Authors: Eduardo Villareal, Idalia Flores.

Simulated annealing tuning method for multi-rate PID controllers

Authors: Cerezo, Y., Cuesta, A., López, I., Grau, L. .

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