EMSS 2016 Proceedings

The dynamic changing behavior of industry processes, due to markets globalization, requires continuous research and development advances for guarantying higher competitiveness. Modeling & Simulation is a growing research field capable of supporting, as powerful decision making tool, industrial evolution. Authors are kindly invited to include in their papers and presentations all the research works, case studies and application both theoretical and applied.

Proceedings List

Using pipeline and binary-tree as CPANS for solving the sorting problem. A comparative study

Authors: M. Rossainz-López, M. I. Capel, O. Carrasco-Limón, B. Sánchez-Rinza.

Dual use bicycle path network designing and exploitation environment - velorouter

Authors: E. Ginters, M. Baltruks, I. Sakne, Y. Merkuryev.

The method of nested simulations supporting decision-making process within a mesoscopic railway simulator

Authors: R. Divi?, A. Kavi?ka.

Analysis of uncertainty in engineering design optimization problems

Authors: P. Fleck, M. Kommenda, M. Affenzeller, T. Prante.

Generation of dispatching rules for job sequencing in single-machine environments

Authors: J. Karder, A. Scheibenpflug, S. Wagner, M. Affenzeller.

Simulating the assorting planning process to support the decision-making of grocery wholesalers: the mexican market case

Authors: S. Flores Monroy.

Use of web services for the localization of rolling stock with utilization technology oracle spatial

Authors: J. Fikejz, J. Merta, J. Oborník.

Emulation as part of an integrated logistics learning environment

Authors: S. Langer, W. Hofmann, S. Lang, T. Reggelin, D. Weigert.

An advanced approach to simulation of super-wide bandwidth information and communication systems combining microwave and photonic industrial technologies

Authors: M.E. Belkin, V. Iakovlev, A. Sigov, Y. Tyschuk, V. Golovin.

A simulation model of human decision making in emergency conditions

Authors: F. De Felice, D. Falcone, A. Petrillo, A. G. Bruzzone, F. Longo.

Development and simulation-based evaluation of an algorithm for the retrieval-in-sequence for shuttle systems

Authors: T. Lienert, W. A. Günthner.

Performance of FDS versions 5 and 6 in passenger car fire computer simulation

Authors: P.Weisenpacher, J.Glasa, V.Sipkova .

Two time steps predictive control application to a bioprocess simulator

Authors: S. Altunta?, H. Hapo?lu.

Simulation and optimization of the manufacturing process of e- bicycles: the case of innovaunam

Authors: P. González-Hernández, A. Huerta-Barrientos.

Simulation optimization of pedestrian evacuation in mexican subway: the case of Pino Suarez station

Authors: A. Vera-Morales, A. Huerta-Barrientos.

Preserving and managing heritage buildings in a sustainable way with integration of BIM ? a review

Authors: L. Seduikyte, A. Kylili, J. Sadauskiene, P. Fokaides.

Discrete event simulation to improve cutting-welding workshop in a shipyard

Authors: M. Rouco-Couzo, D. Crespo-Pereira, A. Garcia-del-Valle, M. Cebral-Fernandez, R. Rios-Prado .

Improving planning and resource utilization of a shipbuilding process based on simulation

Authors: M. Cebral-Fernandez, D. Crespo-Pereira, A. Garcia-del-Valle, M. Rouco-Couzo.

A simulation-based tool to support decision-making in logistics design of a cans packaging line

Authors: V. G. Achkar, V. Bär, F. Cornú, C. A. Méndez.

Simulation of longwall coal mining technologies

Authors: V. V. Okolnishnikov, S. V. Rudometov, S. S. Zhuravlev, V. V. Sinoviev.

Simulation-optimization of schedules with sequence dependent setup times based on Petri net models

Authors: G. Mu?i?.

Minimizing the impact of escalator failures in metro tacubaya subway station on user´s mobility

Authors: H. O. I. Bautista-Martínez, A. Huerta-Barrientos, G. de Jesús Portillo-Villasana.

Automatic simulation models generation of warehouses with milkruns and pickers

Authors: A. Vieira, L. S. Dias, G. B. Pereira, J. A. Oliveira, M. Sameiro Carvalho, P. Martins.

A simulation model for assigning secure waiting areas on subway platforms to minimize accidents

Authors: G. de Jesús Portillo-Villasana, A. Huerta-Barrientos.

Paysim: a financial mobile money simulator for fraud detection

Authors: E. A. Lopez-Rojas, A. Elmir, S. Axelsson.

Scalable simulation models of railway traffic

Authors: R. Novotny, A. Kavicka.

Analysis and evaluation of performance issues of parallel software on multi-core processors

Authors: F. Wiesinger, M. Tunca, M. Bogner.

Balancing of a manufacturing workstation, using a simulation and optimization model

Authors: F.D. Chaves Almanza, A. Wellens .

Service level definition from forecast error cost evaluation

Authors: A. Sosa, A. Wellens.

Supplier selection: single sourcing vs. dual sourcing with sustainability considerations

Authors: M. Accorsi, R. Montanari, M. Rinaldi, P. Centobelli, E. Bottani.

A proposal for optimizing urban mobility in Mexico City based on the public transport network

Authors: I. Flores De La Mota, A. Huerta Barrientos.

Simulation optimization for an age-based vaccines distribution strategy against the spread of influenza epidemic

Authors: J. Lara de Paz, I. Flores.

Modelling a biomass boiler using an artificial neural network

Authors: P. Ruiz, G. Sorrosal, C. E. Borges, A. M. Macarulla.

Comparison of PSO and DE in the task of optimal control of chaotic Lozi map

Authors: R. Senkerik, M. Pluhacek, I. Zelinka, A. Viktorin.

Mesoscopic simulation models for the automotive industry

Authors: A. Hennig, T. Reggelin, D. Wolff.

Modeling and simulation of the effects of thermal expansion mismatch and temperature on thermal induced stresses in modern nano pMOS

Authors: A. El Boukili.

HLA listener ? A GUI driven mapping of HLA standard services

Authors: M. Ali, Y. Mohamed.

Simulation system of mining works

Authors: A. N. Starodubov, V. V. Sinoviev, V. V. Okolnishnikov.

Intelligent simulation for tourism and cultural heritage management

Authors: G. Merkuryeva, V. Bolshakov, J. Martins, R. Gonçalves, G. Bueno Benito.

Using NodeJS for discrete simulation in a web-based environment

Authors: T. Wiedemann.

A comparative study of hyperelastic constitutive models for an automotive component material

Authors: R. Tobajas, D. Elduque, C. Javierre, E. Ibarz, L. Gracia.

An intelligent, interactive and interoperable platform for the 21st century museums

Authors: F. Longo, L. Nicoletti, A. Padovano, A. Solis, A. Monzon.

Augmented reality and mobile technologies for maintenance, security and operations industrial facilities

Authors: A. G. Bruzzone, F. Longo, L. Nicoletti, M. Vetrano, L. Bruno, A. Chiurco, C. Fusto.

Virtual and augmented reality as enablers for improving the service on distributed assets

Authors: A. G. Bruzzone, M. Massei, G. Maglione, M. Agresta, G. Franzinetti, A. Padovano.

Forecasting construction duration of watermain upgrade project by using discrete event simulation

Authors: D. Kim, Y. Zong, Y. Mohamed, S. AbouRizk.

A flexible and graphical operational effectiveness evaluation tool

Authors: W. Li, S. Lin, Z. Liu, P. Ma, M. Yang.

A tree-search based heuristic for a complex stacking problem with continuous production and retrieval

Authors: S. Raggl, B. Andreas, F. Tricoire, M. Affenzeller.

Optimization of paint shop department using discrete event simulation

Authors: P. Raska, Z. Ulrych.

No more conflicts: the development of a generic airport model in a sequence-optimization framework

Authors: P. Scala, M. Mujica Mota, D. Delahaye.

High-performance web simulation

Authors: J. Voracek.

Interactive distributed simulation realised as a web application

Authors: S. Kartak.

Process simulation as support in learning theoretical-practical within the lean manufacturing laboratory of UTFV

Authors: C. Q. Aviles, W. Guerrero Coronel, O. A. González Manzanares .

Radio frequency safety device applied to chair children in cars

Authors: R. da Cunha Santos, K. Barros de Oliveira, M. A. Cruz Moreira, S. J. Correia Neto, G. Gomes Cunha.

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