EMSS 2012 Proceedings

The dynamic changing behavior of industry processes, due to markets globalization, requires continuous research and development advances for guarantying higher competitiveness. Modeling & Simulation is a growing research field capable of supporting, as powerful decision making tool, industrial evolution. Authors are kindly invited to include in their papers and presentations all the research works, case studies and application both theoretical and applied.

Proceedings List

Stability of the convex linear combination of fractional positive discrete-time linear systems

Authors: Tadeusz Kaczorek.

Multi-actors distributed control systems: reinforcement signal by shannon?s entropy

Authors: Youcef Zennir, Denis Pomorski.

Simulation of grass phenophases in Inner Mongolia, China

Authors: Yurong Wei, Xuebiao Pan, Yanfang Cao, He Zhou.

Capability of today?s program verification: a practical approach for better quality and reliability in industrial applications

Authors: Michael Bogner, Johannes Schiller, Franz Wiesinger.

The cloud manufacturing services platform structure and key technologies research in the mould industry

Authors: Songxin Shi, Youmin Rong, Guojun Zhang, Wang Shi.

Monte Carlo ray-tracing approach to effectively design the ellipsoidal reflector of solar simulators

Authors: Marco Bortolini, Mauro Gamberi, Alessandro Graziani, Riccardo Accorsi, Emilio Ferrari.

Development and evaluation of visualization system of global container flow for international manufacturers

Authors: Hisashi Takizawa, Hiromichi Akimoto, Kenji Tanaka, Jing Zhang.

AEMOS: an agent-based electronic market simulator with ontology-services and social network support

Authors: Maria João Viamonte, Virgínia Nascimento, Nuno Silva, Paulo Maio.

On the incorporation of parameter uncertainty for inventory management

Authors: David F. Muñoz, David G. Muñoz.

A decision support system for intermodal transportation networks management

Authors: Maria Pia Fanti, Giorgio Iacobellis, George Georgoulas, Chrysostomos Stylios, Walter Ukovich.

Electric field and strain effects on surface roughness induced spin relaxation in silicon field-effect transistors

Authors: Dmitri Osintsev, Oskar Baumgartner, Zlatan Stanojevic, Viktor Sverdlov, Siegfried Selberherr.

Detecting thin bones and modeling COD skeleton

Authors: Thordur Helgason, Rannveig Ása Gudundsdottir, Kristín Líf Valtýsdóttir, Kristinn Andersen.

Analysis of agents' behavior in multiagent system

Authors: Katerina Slaninova, Jan Martinovic, Pavla Drazdilova, Dominik Vymetal, Roman Sperka.

Using graphic processors for highspeed simulations and other high performance computations

Authors: Thomas Wiedemann.

Project management games using high level architecture

Authors: Ronald Ekyalimpa, Simaan Abourizk, Yasser Mohamed, Farzaneh Saba.

Performance of earliest completion strategy in order sortation systems

Authors: Fahrettin Eldemir, Elif Karakaya.

Reconfigurable and layout-aware storage system for network-based simulation models in the simulator D3FACT

Authors: Hendrik Renken, Felix Eichert, Markus Monhof.

Towards the implementation of a handball player agent framework

Authors: Joao Jacob, Rosaldo Rossetti, António Coelho, Rui Rodrigues.

Retrieving the performance overhead of synchronization mechanisms of various popular operating systems

Authors: Michael Bogner, Johannes Schütz, Franz Wiesinger.

Modelling the effect of sugar refinery pollution in a rural area in central Mexico

Authors: Ann Wellens, Julio González, Ricardo Torres-Jardón, Hugo Barrera.

Enriching a DEVS meta-model with OCL constraints

Authors: Stéphane Garredu, Evelyne Vittori, Jean-François Santucci, Dominique Urbani.

Simulation optimisation and monitoring in tactical and operational planning of deliveries

Authors: Galina Merkuryeva, Vitaly Bolshakov.

Unsupervised learning approach to feature selection in biological data analysis

Authors: Witold Jacak, Karin Proell.

Improved linearity CMOS multifunctional structure using computational circuits

Authors: Cosmin Popa.

The impacts of data inaccuracy on retailer?s perishable inventory

Authors: Mert Bal, Alp Ustundag.

Simulation for assessing security-based policies in import/export operations

Authors: Pasquale Legato, Rina Mary Mazza.

Traffic light simulation with time-varying traffic distribution at junctions

Authors: Carmine De Nicola, Rosanna Manzo, Vincenzo Moccia, Vincenza Tufano.

Variable interaction networks in medical data

Authors: Stephan Winkler, Michael Affenzeller, Gabriel Kronberger, Michael Kommenda, Stefan Wagner, Witold Jacak, Herbert Stekel.

Modeling and simulation based on inverse finite element method for unfolding large and thick blades of francis turbines

Authors: Zhengkun Feng, Henri Champliaud, Michel Sabourin, Sebastien Morin.

Identification of patterns in microscopy images of biological samples using evolution strategies

Authors: Daniela Borgmann, Julian Weghuber, Susanne Schaller, Jaroslaw Jacak, Stephan Winkler.

Agent-monitored anticipatory multisimulation: a systems engineering approach for threat-management training

Authors: Tuncer Oren, Levent Yilmaz.

Motivation problems in the process of mass reduction through modelling and simulation

Authors: Maja Atanasijevic-Kunc, Tina Sentocnik, Simon Toma?i?, Jo?e Drinovec.

Research on simplified modelling strategy for virtual commissioning

Authors: Peter Hoffmann, Reimar Schumann, Talal M.A. Maksoud, Giuliano C. Premier.

Optimal ambulance location, at University of Mexico, employing simulation

Authors: Jose Vindel.

Simulation of the operation of a metro station

Authors: Jorge Andres Garcia, Idalia Flores.

Automated verification of cardiovascular models with continuous integration tools

Authors: Martin Bachler, Bernhard Hametner, Christopher Mayer, Johannes Kropf, Matthias Gira, Siegfried Wassertheurer.

Optimization of production ramp-up by using a simulation for personnel requirements planning

Authors: Gisela Lanza, Anna Sauer.

Optimizing ventricular work: a matter of constraints

Authors: Bernhard Hametner, Stephanie Parragh, Christopher Mayer, Johannes Kropf, Siegfried Wassertheurer.

Optimal control strategies for low fuel consumption in a GDI engine under single and multiple injection

Authors: Michela Costa, Luigi Allocca, Paolo Sementa.

Production scheduling on multiple lines with shared resources

Authors: Francesco Costantino, Giulio Di Gravio, Fabio Nonino, Matteo Cappannoli, Tommaso Silvestri.

Enhanced confidence interpretations of GP based ensemble modeling results

Authors: Michael Affenzeller, Stephan M. Winkler, Stefan Forstenlechner, Gabriel Kronberger, Michael Kommenda, Stefan Wagner, Herbert Stekel.

Multidimensional modelling of the in-cylinder processes in a GDI engine

Authors: Alessandro Montanaro, Ugo Sorge, Francesco Catapano, Bianca Maria Vaglieco.

Automotive processes simulated by an ODE - PDE model

Authors: Nicola Pasquino, Luigi Rarità.

Evolution tracking in genetic programming

Authors: Bogdan Burlacu, Michael Affenzeller, Michael Kommenda, Stephan Winkler, Gabriel Kronberger.

On the analysis, classification and prediction of metaheuristic algorithm behavior for combinatorial optimization problems

Authors: Andreas Scheibenpflug, Stefan Wagner, Erik Pitzer, Bogdan Burlacu, Michael Affenzeller.

Cloud manufacturing platform architecture

Authors: Lei Ren.

Symbolic regression using tabu search in a neighborhood of semantically similar solutions

Authors: Gabriel Kronberger, Andreas Beham.

Study on the description method of manufacturing capability based on description logics in cloud manufacturing

Authors: Yongliang Luo, Lin Zhang, Fei Tao, Yongkui Liu, Lei Ren.

Customizing Code Of Devs Models According To User Requirements Using LSIS_DME

Authors: Maamar Hamri, Rabah Messouci.

Simulation of hydrocarbon sales services of the National University of Mexico for the scenario analisys that improves return on equity

Authors: Israel Andrade Canades, Citlalli Dorantes Bolanos.

Designing PID controller for 4th order system by means of enhanced PSO algorithm with discrete chaotic dissipative standard map

Authors: Michal Pluhacek, Roman Senkerik, Donald Davendra, Ivan Zelinka.

Operations by forklifts in warehouses

Authors: Aurelija Burinskiene.

Simulation of dynamically adaptive bandwidth allocation protocols using coloured Petri nets

Authors: Julija Asmuss, Viktors Zagorskis, Gunars Lauks.

Simulation models to support GALB heuristic algorithms and to evaluate multi objective performance index

Authors: Sergio Amedeo Gallo, Giovanni Davoli, Andrea Govoni, Riccardo Melloni, Gabriele Pattarozzi.

Using UWB for human trajectory extraction

Authors: Gonçalo Vasconcelos, Marcelo Petry, João Almeida, Rosaldo Rossetti, António Coelho.

Studies on the thermodynamical coupling of a machine tool and its environment using the object-oriented modelling approach of MODELICA

Authors: Matthias Rößler, Michael Landsiedl, Friedrich Bleicher, Christian Salvatori, Wolfgang Kastner, Felix Breitenecker.

An integrated binary-tabu search approach for the buffer allocation problem: an industrial case study

Authors: Leyla Demir, Simge Yelkenci Kose, Semra Tunali, Deniz Tursel Eliiyi.

Sequence of decisions on discrete event systems with structural alternative configurations

Authors: Juan Ignacio Latorre-Biel, Emilio Jiménez-Macías, Mercedes Pérez-Parte.

Automatic design based on the Petri nets paradigm

Authors: Juan Ignacio Latorre-Biel, Emilio Jiménez-Macías.

Decision making in the Rioja wine production sector

Authors: Juan Ignacio Latorre-Biel, Emilio Jiménez-Macías, Julio Blanco-Fernandez, Juan Carlos Sáenz-Díez.

Utilization of analytic programming for the stabilization of high order oscillations of chaotic logistic equation

Authors: Roman Senkerik, Zuzana Oplatkova, Ivan Zelinka, Donald Davendra, Michal Pluhacek.

Object-oriented multi-domain modelling of machine tools: a case study

Authors: Bernhard Heinzl, Michael Landsiedl, Niki Popper, Alexandros-Athanassios Dimitriou, Fabian Dür, Friedrich Bleicher, Christian Reinisch, Felix Breitenecker.

Dynamic analysis of a workpiece deformation in the roll bending process by FEM simulation

Authors: Tran Hoang Quan, Henri Champliaud, Zhengkun Feng, Dao Thien-My.

Process mining of production management data for improvement of production planning and manufaturing execution

Authors: Gasper Music, Primoz Rojec.

Achievements in results visualization with the computer numeric e-learning system MMT

Authors: Irene Hafner, Martin Bicher, Thomas Peterseil, Stefanie Winkler, Ursula Fitsch, Nicole Nagele, Wolfgang Wild, Felix Breitenecker.

Possibilities and limits of co-simulating discrete and continuous models via the building controls virtual test bed

Authors: Irene Hafner, Matthias Rössler, Bernhard Heinzl, Andreas Körner, Michael Landsiedl, Felix Breitenecker, Christian Reinisch.

Comprehensive protocol for artificial intelligence development

Authors: Bruce L. Toy.

Improvement of advanced mathematical skills and abilities using the computer algebra based e-learning system MAPLE T.A.

Authors: Stefanie Winkler, Andreas Körner, Vilma Urbonaite.

Modelling and simulation e-learning set of hydraulic models

Authors: Martin Bicher, Ursula Fitsch, Maja Atanasijevic-Kunc, Nicole Nagele, Wolfgang Wild, Felix Breitenecker.

Data independent model structure for simulation within Vienna UT more space project

Authors: Benjamin Rozsenich, Salah Alkilani, Martin Bruckner, Stefan Emrich, Gabriel Wurzer.

About the integration of simulink into the matlab-based simulation and experiment server MMT

Authors: Andreas Körner, Irene Hafner, Martin Bicher, Stefanie Winkler, Ursula Fitsch.

Change of independent variable for state event detection in system simulation - evaluation with ARGESIM benchmarks

Authors: Felix Breitenecker, Horst Ecker, Bernhard Heinzl, Andreas Körner, Matthias Rößler, Niki Popper.

Developing a multihybrid system to simulate a university campus

Authors: Shabnam M. Tauböck, Felix Breitenecker, Dietmar Wiegand, Nikolas Popper, Gerald Hodecek.

A simulation model for analysing unmanned aerial vehicle flight paths

Authors: Halil Cicibas, Kadir Alpaslan Demir, Murat M. Gunal, Nafiz Arica.

Mathematical modelling for experimental archaeology: case studies for mechanical tools in Hallstatt salt mines

Authors: Bernhard Heinzl, Erik Auer, Benedikt Slowacki, Kerstin Kowarik, Hans Reschreiter, Niki Popper, Felix Breitenecker.

The translation of CPN into NETLOGO environment for the modelling of political issues: FUPOL project

Authors: Miguel Mujica, Miquel Angel Piera.

The effects of transit corridor developments on the healthcare access of medically fragile vulnerable populations

Authors: Rafael Diaz, Asad Khattak, Joshua Behr, Anna Jeng, Francesco Longo, Jun Duanmu.

Innovative C2 and simulation for crowdsourcing as force multiplier

Authors: Agostino Bruzzone, Henrique C. Marques, Giovanni Cantice, Michele Turi.

Serious games for developing intuition and agile thinking for decision makers

Authors: Agostino Bruzzone, Alberto Tremori, Claudia Baisini .

A new practical approach to asset liability management for BASEL III and SOLVENCY II

Authors: Vojo Bubevski.

An advanced framework for inventory management in reverse logistics

Authors: Francesco Longo.

A simulation tool for high-fidelity modeling of complex logistical networks

Authors: Reejo Mathew, Thomas W. Mastaglio, Andrew Lewis.

Simulation based analysis of a manufacturing system devoted to produce hazelnut based products

Authors: Agostino Bruzzone, Francesco Longo.

Modeling and simulation of a one-warehouse, n-retailer inventory

Authors: Adriano O. Solis, Francesco Longo, Pietro Caruso, Elisa Fazzari.

FPGA, physics-based modeling of IGBT and PIN diode for hardware co-simulation of complex power electronic converters and systems

Authors: Philippos Aristidou, Patrick Palmer.

Spectral approach to reliability evaluation of flow networks

Authors: Ilya Gertsbakh, Yoseph Shpungin.

Analysis of the thread assignment behaviour of parallel programs on chip multiprocessors

Authors: Michael Bogner, Markus Ematinger, Franz Wiesinger.

The study of a deteriorating manufacturing system using simulation and response methodology

Authors: Annie Francie Kouedeu, Jean-Pierre Kenne, Pierre Dejax, Victor Songmene .

Simulating innovation adoption behavior: Lessons learned for modelers and programmers

Authors: Christian Stummer, Elmar Kiesling.

The high speed train interior noise reduction using multi-channel ANC system

Authors: Young Min Kim, Jong Il Bae, Kwon Soon Lee.

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