EMSS 2017 Proceedings

The dynamic changing behavior of industry processes, due to markets globalization, requires continuous research and development advances for guarantying higher competitiveness. Modeling & Simulation is a growing research field capable of supporting, as powerful decision making tool, industrial evolution. Authors are kindly invited to include in their papers and presentations all the research works, case studies and application both theoretical and applied.

Proceedings List

A simulation optimization method for design and control of signalized intersections in urban areas

Authors: Y. Chen, L. Li, Y. Shen, B. Liu.

Efficient product representations for automotive logistics

Authors: D. Fruhner, K. Pawlikowski, K. Klingebiel, M. Toth.

Information management on the example of features of IT system "sindbad?

Authors: M. Nepelski, D. Hryszkiewicz, G. Gudzbeler.

Parameter selection for PCMA* using surrogate-assisted black-box optimization and microscopic traffic simulation

Authors: B. Werth, E. Pitzer, M. Affenzeller, C. Backfrieder.

Agent-based micro simulation to assess the performance of roundabouts considering different variables and performance indicators

Authors: A. A. C. Vieira, L. M. S. Dias, G. A. B. Pereira, J. A. Oliveira.

Nested simulations supporting traffic optimizations related to railway stations

Authors: R. Divis, A. Kavicka.

Simulation and optimization with GRASP in supply fuel in the north of Mexico City

Authors: D. T. Gaete, E. S. Perez.

Synchronization algorithm for peer-to-peer interactive distributed simulation implemented in a single-threaded web application

Authors: S. Kartak.

Simulation for teaching the production cell concept in civil production engineering

Authors: D. Matschulat Ely, A. C. Brandao Taroni.

Evidence-based evaluation of psychosocial risk factors and the interaction of their stressors using system dynamics

Authors: H. Abaeian, M. Al-Hussein, O. Moselhi.

Deep learning approaches for small dimensional biomedical data

Authors: K. Proell.

Fractional positive and stable time-varying continuous-time linear electrical circuits

Authors: T. Kaczorek.

Unitary hybrid model of railway traffic

Authors: R. Novotny, A. Kavicka.

DES techniques applied to the design of a training session about lean methodology in a shipbuilding process

Authors: J. A. Muina-Dono, A. Lamas-Rodriguez, A. Fernandez Rodriguez, D. Chas-alvarez.

Theory and practice of information fusion models' quality estimation and models' quality control

Authors: B. Sokolov, S. Micony, A. Ziuban, V. Burakov, I. Pimanov, D. Ivanov.

Air traffic simulator for passive ADS-B surveillance system

Authors: J. Kratochvil, K. Simerda.

Investigations of a reconfigurable pressing setup for manufacturing blades of large francis turbines runners from very thick plates

Authors: Z. Feng, H. Champliaud, L. Mathieu.

Risk management in jackets manufacturing projects using discrete events simulation

Authors: A. Lamas-Rodriguez, D. Chas-Alvarez, J. A. Muina-Dono.

Using simulation and reliability concepts to set starting times in multitask projects with random duration and a common deadline

Authors: A. A. Juan, L. Calvet, C. Serrat, S. Hatami.

Estimation of expectations in two-level nested simulation experiments

Authors: D. F. Munoz.

Analysis of profitability through with the generation of l-scenarios from a hybrid method between artificial neural network and Monte Carlo simulation

Authors: J. Bermeo, H. Castillo, S. Serrano, D. Arce, H. Bermeo.

Analysing collaborative performance and cost allocation for the joint route planning problem

Authors: L. Verdonck, K. Ramaekers, B. Depaire, A. Caris, G. K. Janssens.

Utilization of railway network model for dynamic calculation of train delays

Authors: J. Fikejz, J. Merta.

Modeling photonics-based microwave frequency converter

Authors: M. Belkin, A. Sigov.

An agent-based modelling and simulation framework to assess small businesses' recovery from flooding

Authors: M. Alharbi, G. Coates.

Implementation of a business plan for a small software developer enterprise using discrete events simulation

Authors: J. Evelyn Perez Bonilla, A. Huerta-Barrientos, J. Dillarza Andrade, H. Bautista Martinez.

Avoiding rule explotion and making approximate inverse reasoning in computing with words applications

Authors: O. G. Duarte.

Complex networks of the air passenger traffic in Mexican airports

Authors: O. S. Shirai Reyna, I. Flores De La Mota.

Modelling dependence of arrival sequencing and metering area transit time on airport meteorological conditions

Authors: M. Bagamanova, J. J. Ramos Gonzalez, M. A. Piera Eroles, J. M. Cordero Garcia.

Bootstrapping the PaySim financial simulator for open source

Authors: E. A. Lopez-Rojas, K. Franke.

Modeling key photonics components based on off-the-shelf microwave-electronics computer tool

Authors: M. Belkin, V. Golovin, Y. Tyschuk, A. Sigov.

Simulation of an evolutionary game for a wealth distribution model structured in a small world network

Authors: J. L. De Paz, G. Policroniades, I. Flores.

Calculation of the capacity of switch area within railway stations with the use of simulation methods

Authors: M. Bazant, J. Bulicek, P. Kryze, P. Vesely.

Identifying sentiments on hotels in Tenerife published on social media by English-speaking tourists

Authors: C. A. Martin, R. M. Aguilar, J. M. Torres, A. Garcia-Aguilar.

Numerical algorithm for waveguiding properties reconstruction from intensity-only measurements in multicore fibers with strong mode coupling

Authors: A. Andrianov, N. Kalinin, A. Kim.

Electro-optical composite polymer layers for high speed radiophotonics modulators, experiment and modeling

Authors: M. M. Nazarov, V. I. Sokolov, E. V. Polunin, Y. E. Pogodina.

Supporting organisational decision making in presence of uncertainty

Authors: V. Kulkarni, S. Barat, T. Clark, B. Barn.

A method for factor screening of simulation experiments based on association rule mining

Authors: L. Lu, W. Li, P. Ma, M. Yang.

Evolution strategy - testing different tournament selection strategies

Authors: P. Raska, Z. Ulrych.

Analyzing for measure characteristics of nash-sutcliffe efficiency type indicators used for model validation

Authors: K.-B. Zhao, K. Fang, M. Yang.

MultiMAuS: A multimodal authentication simulator for fraud detection research

Authors: L. M. Zintgraf, E. A. Lopez-Rojas, D. M. Roijers, A. Nowe.

Sugar plant simulator for energy management purposes

Authors: C. Pablos, L. F. Acebes, A. Merino.

Verification of industrial control algorithms in virtual laboratory stands

Authors: T. Liakh, V. Zyubin.

Optimal stochastic control of an aluminum recycling unit in reverse logistics

Authors: F. E. Kemi Yotat, J. P. Kenne, V. Songmene.

Agent based modeling architecture with BPMN and DEVS network

Authors: M. Sbayou, Y. Bouanan, G. Zacharewicz, J. Francois.

Robot soccer strategy adaptation

Authors: V. Svaton, J. Martinovic, K. Slaninova, V. Snasel.

Building Information modelling and simulation integration for modular construction manufacturing performance improvement

Authors: B. Barkokebas, Y. Zhang, C. Ritter, M. Al-Hussein.

Analysis of the manufacturing lead time in a Graphic Arts company

Authors: J. E. Morales Lopez, C. Quintero Aviles, K. K. Ramirez Mora, L. J. Cureno Torres.

Simulation of the Mexican airport network for addressing a ground delay program

Authors: A. Wellens, M. Mujica Mota.

Stimulation model - a multilayer social network generator

Authors: A. Tarvid.

Compact integrated-optical amplifiers for the telecommunication C-band on the basis of polymer waveguides with embedded NALUF4/YB3+/ER3+/CE3+ nanocrystals

Authors: I. M. Asharchuk, A. S. Akhmanov, I. O. Goryachuk, M. M. Nazarov, A. V. Nechaev.

Influence of manufacturing process in mechanical behavior of injected plastic components

Authors: M. Muniesa, I. Claveria, C. Javierre, D. Elduque, A. Fernandez.

Comparison of a microscopic discrete-event and a mesoscopic discrete-rate simulation model for planning a production line

Authors: F. Gleye, T. Reggelin, S. Lang.

A comparative analysis of different methods for identification of the evolution of number of possible conflict-free airspace configurations including multiple aircraft and single conflict

Authors: J. de Homdedeu, M. del Mar Tous, M. Angel Piera, T. Koca, M. Radanovic.

Modified rate equation models for understanding performance limits of vertical and in-plane compound cavity VCSELS

Authors: N. F.G. Albugami, E. A. Avrutin.

Demand prediction model of an organization

Authors: O. Sanchez, I. Flores.

Simulation of boarding pedestrian in Mexican subway: the case of Pantitlan terminal station

Authors: Y. Dillarza-Andrade, A. Huerta-Barrientos, G. Salazar-Diaz, J. E. Perez-Bonilla .

The intelligent decision support system prototype for port informational integration

Authors: A. X. Halabi-Echeverry, S. M. N. Islam, H. L. Nino-Vergara, N. Obregon-Neira.

Holistic planning of production and intralogistics systems through automated modeling within and among the tools of the digital factory

Authors: D. Weigert, P. Aurich, T. Reggelin.

A simulation tool for modelling and optimization of a job-shop production system

Authors: E. Bottani, M. Rinaldi, R. Montanari, M. Bertolini, F. Zammori.

Use of games to student training in the civil engineering undergraduation course: a bibliometric analysis

Authors: A. Freire, D. Ely, L. Santana, A. Jungles, M. Dalmau.

Model-based remote runway solution for a congested airport: Mexico City airport case

Authors: M. Mujica Mota, P. Scala.

Combined synthesis/simulation approach to design and verification of production control strategies

Authors: J. K. Sagawa, G. Music.

Downsizing the air freighter: simulation-based study of KLM cargo in Schiphol airport

Authors: M. Mujica Mota, A. El Makhloufi, P. Gonzalez Hernandez.

Mathematical models to simulate the process induced stress in silicon nitride thin film coatings and its positive effects on solar cells

Authors: A. El Boukili.

Sociotechnical systems acceptance and sustainability assessment using dynamic simulation model

Authors: D. Aizstrauta, E. Ginters.

Analytical review and the analysis of educational programs with computer modelling and simulation engineering content

Authors: B. Zupancic, Y. Senichenkov, G. Music.

Using High Level Architecture to combine simulations in company context: mobile factory

Authors: S. Gorecki, G. Zacharewicz, N. Perry.

Controlled triangular batches petri nets: a highway case study

Authors: L. Brenner, I. Demongodin.

Smart maintenance lifecycle management: a design proposal

Authors: J. Zenisek, L. Nicoletti, F. Longo, G. Traugott, A. Padovano, M. Affenzeller.

How human factors affect the outcomes of disasters management on industrial sites

Authors: F. Longo, L. Nicoletti, A. Padovano, J. Cazorla, M. Vetrano, A. Chiurco, C. Fusto.

Innovative modelling of social networks for reproducing complex scenarios

Authors: A. G. Bruzzone, R. di Matteo, M. Massei, I. Vianello.

A method for obtaining the credibility of a simulation model

Authors: K. Fang, M. Yang, K. Zhao.

Autonomous systems & safety issues: the roadmap to enable new advances in industrial application

Authors: A. G. Bruzzone, M. Massei, M. Agresta, R. di Matteo, K. Sinelshchikov, F. Longo, L. Nicoletti, L. di Donato, L. Tommasini, C. Console, A. Ferraro, M. Pirozzi, D. Puri, L. Vita, F. Cassara, C. Mennuti, G. Augugliaro, C. Delle Site, F. Di Palo, P. Bragatto .

Quantum cognition models of ethical decision-making in human behavior simulation

Authors: L. Yilmaz.

Validation of design solutions and materials for a high performance bearing cage

Authors: A Lostale, I. Claveria, A. Fernandez, M. Muniesa, C. Javierre, D. Elduque.

Simulation model of prefabricated house from manufacturing to on-site installation

Authors: M. S. Altaf, M. Al-Hussein.

Use of CPANS for grouping DNA sequence fragments in the construction of gnomes

Authors: M. R. Lopez, M. I. Capel, R. Hernandez-Munive, I. Olmos Pineda, J. A. Olvera-Lopez.

A hybrid simulation-based optimization approach for scheduling dynamic block assembly in shipbuilding

Authors: N. P. Basan, V. G. Achkar, C. A. Mendez, A. Garcia-del-Valle.

Educational animation as a complementary tool to convey knowledge to civil construction workers

Authors: L. Santana, A. Freire, M. Dagostin, A. Jungles .

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