MAS 2009 Proceedings

The MAS Conference concentrates on applied Modeling & simulation (M&S) and computer technologies. Application fields include logistics, supply chain management, production control, business and industrial organization and engage users, vendors and scientists operating in applying advanced techniques to industry, business and services.

Proceedings List

Teaching simulation basics through flowchart simulation the event scheduling world view

Authors: Guilherme A B Pereira, Luís M S Dias, Hugo T C Rocha.

Two heuristics for improving the efficiency of a markov chain based decision making method

Authors: René Chelvier, Claudia Krull, Graham Horton.

Early testing procedures for supporting validation of intelligent agents for simulating human behavior in urban riots

Authors: Alberto Tremori, Enrico Bocca, Federico Tarone, Francesco Longo, Simonluca Poggi.

Pandemic dynamic objects & reactive agents

Authors: Terry Bossomaier, Agostino G. Bruzzone, Marina Massei, David Newth, Joseph Rosen.

Simulation an optimization of evolution in biosystems by information-theoretic entropy

Authors: Stanislaw Sieniutycz.

Towards multi-level simulation of conflict and peacekeeping

Authors: Mamadou Seck.

A decision support system for inventory management ofintermittent demand

Authors: Katrien Ramaekers, Gerrit K. Janssens.

A linear programming formulation for an inventory management decision with a service constraint

Authors: Gerrit K. Janssens, Katrien M. Ramaekers.

Warehouse management: inventory control policies comparison

Authors: Agostino G. Bruzzone, Duilio Curcio, Giovanni Mirabelli, Enrico Papoff.

Public funding of modelling and simulation in austria

Authors: P. Kerschl, A. Pogány.

MRP-DRP model as a base for negotiations in times of recession

Authors: Marija Bogataj, Robert W. Grubbström FVR RI and Ludvik Bogataj.

A simulation model for light rail transportation system

Authors: Filiz Dumbek, Dilay Celebi.

Configuration of a service and distribution network in the aerospace industry

Authors: Marcos Simas Magalhăes, Miguel Cezar Santoro.

Monte Carlo valuation of power generating units

Authors: Ivan Ourdev , Simaan M. AbouRizk , Mohammed AlBataineh.

Multi non-linear structural condition modelling and assessment

Authors: Wenzel Helmut, Tanaka Hiroshi, Schäfer David, Höllrigl-Binder Michaela, Allmer Helga.

Multi Agent/HLA enterprise interoperability (short-lived ontology based)

Authors: G. Zacharewicz, O. Labarthe, D. Chen, B. Vallespir.

Simulation of the emersion procedure for a new underwater generator

Authors: Amable López Pińeiro, José Andrés Somolinos, Luis Ramón Núńez Rivas and Eva María Novoa Rojas.

An integrated simulation and operation costing approach to assess orders production costs: a real application

Authors: Antonio Avai, Marzio Sorlini.

Application of rigid body dynamics to 3d plant simulation

Authors: I.F. Ceruti, G. Dal Maso, D. Rovere.

Flexible production simulation for applied sciences

Authors: Klaus Altendorfer, Josef Pilstl, Alexander Hübl, Herbert Jodlbauer.

Introduction of simulation method and possibilities of standardisation

Authors: József Perger, János Jósvai, András Pfeiffer, Botond Kádár.

Modelling a d simulation of a natural roofing slates manufacturing plant

Authors: David del Rio Vilas, Diego Crespo Pereira, Juan Luis Crespo Marińo, Alejandro Garcia del Valle.

The role of the green quota and revenue recycling schemes in the climate change options: a dynamic general equilibrium analysis for austria

Authors: Stefan Schmelzer , Todor Balabanov.

Production process modeling and planning wih simulation method,mounting process optimisation

Authors: János, Jósvai.

Self-building simulation tool for daily decision support in production control

Authors: András Pfeiffer, Botond Kádár, Marcell Szathmári, Gergely Popovics,Zoltán Vén, László Monostori.

How to support firm environmental innovation: the case of the vocless mechanical pulping project

Authors: Stefano SAETTA, Lorenzo TIACCI.

Industrial workstations design: a real case study

Authors: Antonio Cimino, Francesco Longo, Giovanni Mirabelli,Enrico Papoff.

Problematic research design in quality management- is agent-based simulation a panacea?

Authors: Bizhan Jamshidnezhad, Alan Smith.

Retail stores modeling: comparison between simulation and virtual reality approaches

Authors: Francesco Longo, Marina Massei, Enrico Papoff, Sabrina Rondinelli.

Simulating the integration of original equipment manufacturer and suppliers in fractal environment

Authors: Sameh M. Saad and Julian C. Aririguzo.

Comparative study with and without sensor of speed of a command by DTC of a variable reluctance motor with smooth stator

Authors: M. Birame, L. Mokrani, M.kadjoudj,A. Naamane, N.K.Msirdi.

Control of a ph neutraliztion process via the big bang big crunch optimization

Authors: Tufan Kumbasar, Ibrahim Eksin, Müjde Güzelkaya, Engin Yesil.

Fuzzy blending hybrid structure with fuzzy and conventional PID controllers

Authors: Cihan Bulut, Ibrahim Eksin, Mujde Guzelkaya, Tufan Kumbasar, Engin Yesil.

Modeling a spatial communication activity in wireless sensors network

Authors: Jan Nikodem, Ryszard Klempous, Maciej Nikodem, Marek Woda, Zenon Chaczko.

Robust tuning PSS for multimachine power systems using multiobjective hybridation technique

Authors: A. Choucha, A. Hellal, S. Arif and A. Hadjadj.

Vehicle dynamics control using bond graph with sliding mode observers

Authors: A.Naamane, N.K. Msirdi.

An RSVP model for opnet simulator with an integrated QoS architecture

Authors: Sibel Tariyan Özyer, Reza Hassanpour.

Elaboration of a composite score for designing and choosing sustainable ?official car policy?

Authors: Rigo Nicolas, Ndiaye Alassane Ballé.

Modelling of transport project uncertainties:risk assessment and scenario analysis

Authors: Kim Bang Salling, Steen Leleur.

Blood flow simulation of intracranial aneurysms

Authors: Wolfgang Fenz, Johannes Dirnberger.

Proposal of a new model for the optimization of the organizational process in industrial company through the application of the analytic network process

Authors: Fabio De Felice, Antonella Petrillo.

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