MAS 2010 Proceedings

The MAS Conference concentrates on applied Modeling & simulation (M&S) and computer technologies. Application fields include logistics, supply chain management, production control, business and industrial organization and engage users, vendors and scientists operating in applying advanced techniques to industry, business and services.

Proceedings List

Inventory control performance of various forecasting methods when demand is lumpy

Authors: Adriano Solis, Somnath Mukhopadhyay, Rafael Gutierrez.

Pointwise completeness and pointwise degeneracy of standard and positive hybrid linear systems described by the general model

Authors: Kaczorek Tadeusz.

Modeling and Simulation of Process Interruptions with Copulas

Authors: Ivan Ourdev, Simaan AbouRizk.

Monte Carlo simulation: remanufacturing or not ?a newsvendor perspective

Authors: Rafael Diaz, Mandar Tulpule, Francesco Longo, Antonio Cimino.

A study of computational modeling of abdominal aortic aneurysm

Authors: Sungmin Kim, Manpyo Lee, Hochul Kang, Juhwan Lee, Jehoon Jeong, Seunggyu Roh.

Designing irregular gears via splines

Authors: Adam Marlewski, Piotr Krawiec .

Production systems design and management: a case study on a hazelnuts industrial plant

Authors: Duilio Curcio, Francesco Longo, Giovanni Mirabelli, Piero Giordano.

Coordination of activities: application of some concepts and formalizations to agricultural systems simulation

Authors: Z. Afoutni, Roger Martin-Clouaire, Rémy Courdier, Guerrin François.

Stochastic Vendor Selection Problem

Authors: Baohua Wang, Shiwei He, Sohail Chaudhry.

A decision support tool based on ANP and FMEA to determine causes failures in train control system

Authors: Antonella Petrillo, Fabio De Felice.

Harmonized and reversible development framework for hla based interoperable application

Authors: Zhiying Tu, Gregory Zacharewicz, David Chen, Z. Zhang.

Advantage of mobile training for complex systems

Authors: Agostino Bruzzone, Marina Massei .

Simulation Integrated with Web 3.0 as Smart Support for Command and Control

Authors: Agostino Bruzzone, Giovanni Cantice, Roberto Cianci, Francesco Longo, Simonluca Poggi.

Steering projects through simulation: an innovative tool to improve projects guidance efficiency

Authors: Massimo de Falco, Luisa Falivene, Salvatore Miranda, Raffaele Iannone.

Control strategies for a variable speed urban wind turbine

Authors: Aziz Naamane, Adil Mehadary, Mourad Trihi.

A Pairwise comparaison-based model of uncertainty in multi-person multi-criteria decision problems

Authors: Nils Burgmann, Jana Goers, Graham Horton.

Precision tracking motion control of an xy micropositioning stage driven by stepper motor

Authors: Hatem Tlijani, Mohamed Benrejeb.

A simulation-based framework for construction project information management

Authors: Elmira Moghani, Simaan AbouRizk.

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