MAS 2011 Proceedings

The MAS Conference concentrates on applied Modeling & simulation (M&S) and computer technologies. Application fields include logistics, supply chain management, production control, business and industrial organization and engage users, vendors and scientists operating in applying advanced techniques to industry, business and services.

Proceedings List

Part I: Mothballing (Asset Preservation) of a Crude Oil Gathering Center

Authors: Musleh Al-Otaibi, Abdul-Hassan Mohammed .

Centralized and Decentralized Adaptive Fault-Tolerant Control applied to Interconnected and Networked Control System

Authors: Amina Challouf, Adel Tellili, Christophe Aubrun, Mohammednaceur Abdelkrim .

Modelling NONI (Morinda Citrifolia L.) Pulp Spray Drying Using a Crossed Mixture-Process Design and Feed Optimization

Authors: Eliosbel Márquez González, Débora Castro Espín, Margarita Núńez de Villavicensio, José Luis Rodríguez .

Factory layout Planner: how to speed up the factory design process in a natural and comfortable way

Authors: Antonio Avai, Giovanni Dal Maso, Paolo Pedrazzoli, Diego Rovere .

Release Kinetics of Cardamom Oil from Microcapsules Prepared by Spray and Freeze Drying

Authors: Masoud Najaf Najafi, Rassoul Kadkhodaee .

Genetic Algorithm approach to modelling fractal manufacturing layout

Authors: Julian Aririguzo, Sameh Saad.

Mechanical Damage to Navy Beans as Affected by Moisture Content, Impact Velocity and Seed Orientation

Authors: Feizollah Shahbazi .

How important is price leadership in the UK fresh fruit and vegetable market?

Authors: Cesar Revoredo-Giha, Alan Renwick .

Simulations of liquid film flows with free surface on rotating silicon wafers (RoWaFlowSim)

Authors: Markus Junk, Frank Holsteyns, Felix Staudegger, Christiane Lechner, Hendrik Kuhlmann, Doris Prieling, Helfried Steiner, Bernhard Gschaider, Petr Vita .

PLC Code Processing for Automatic Simulation Model Generation

Authors: Gergely Popovics, András Pfeiffer, Botond Kádár, Zoltán Vén, László Monostori .

Study for a Mechanism Aided by Asynchronous Actuator Powered by Asynchronous Diesel Generator

Authors: Meglouli H., Ikhlef B. .

Modelling and Analysing the Impact of Manual Handling Processes in Seaports

Authors: Bernd Scholz-Reiter, Michael Görges, Ralf Matthies .

Numerical Analysis of Wind Induced Pressure Loads on an Integrated Roof-Based Photovoltaic System

Authors: Marco Raciti Castelli, Sergio Toniato, Ernesto Benini .

Modeling of Drying Process of Candies Obtained with Starch Molding Technique

Authors: Noemi Baldino, Lucia Seta, Francesca Romana Lupi, Domenico Gabriele, Bruno de Cindio .

Benchmarking Real-World Job-Shop Scheduling using a Genetic Algorithm with a Simulation Approach

Authors: Peter Steininger .

Improving Patient Safety: A Model of Drift in Health Care Teams

Authors: R. Severinghaus, C. Donald Combs .

Modelling of Gestures with Differing Execution Speeds: Are Hidden non-Markovian Models Applicable for Gesture Recognition?

Authors: Sascha Bosse, Claudia Krull, Graham Horton .

Modelling and interpolation of spatial temperature during food transportation and storage by the Variogram

Authors: Reiner Jedermann, Javier Palafox-Albarrán, Pilar Barreiro, Luis Ruiz-García, Jose Ignacio Robla, Walter Lang .

Modeling and Simulation of an assembly line: a new approach for assignment and optimization of activities of operators

Authors: Domenico Falcone, Alessandro Silvestri, Antonio Forcina, Antonio Pacitto .

Dynamic Spectrum Management with Minimizing Power Allocation

Authors: Tawiwat Veeraklaew, Settapong Malisuwan .

Large Target-Weapon Assignment Problems with Evolutionary Programming as applied to the Royal Thai Armed Forces ground-to-ground rocket simulation system

Authors: Settapong Malisuwan, Teeranan Nandhakwang, Tawiwat Veeraklaew .

Data Presentation and Transformation in Train Schedule Information Systems

Authors: Eugene Kopytov, Vasilijs Demidovs, Natalia Petukhova .

Mathematical Modeling and Simulation for Detection of Suicide Bombers

Authors: William Fox, John Vesecky, Kenneth Laws .

Dynamic Simulation Based Design of Powered Support in Integrated Mechanized Coal Mining

Authors: Zhifeng Dong, Guozhu Liu, Jian Wang, Jiangang Qian, Shouxiang Zhang, Dongsheng Bao .

Impact of Occupants Behavior on Building Energy Use: an Agent-Based Modeling Approach

Authors: Elie Azar , Carol Menassa .

Sheeting Process Modelling and Rheological Analysis of an Olive-Oil-Emulsion-Based Puff Pastry

Authors: Francesca Romana Lupi, Noemi Baldino, Lucia Seta, Domenico Gabriele, Bruno de Cindio .

New Evolutionary Algorithm Based on Particle Swarm Optimization and Adaptive Plan System With Genetic Algorithm

Authors: Pham Ngoc Hieu, Hiroshi Hasegawa .

The Art of Data-Driven Modelling in Logistics Simulation

Authors: Rainer Frick .

Evaluation of Climate-Efficient Cross-Company Logistics Models based on Discrete Event Simulation

Authors: Christian Hillbrand, Susanne Schmid .

Building a System for Automated Modeling and Simulation of Plants

Authors: Robert Schöech, Susanne Schmid, Christian Hillbrand .

Dynamics of direct transports in autonomously controlled production networks

Authors: Bernd Scholz-Reiter, Michael Görges .

Advanced Design of a Static Dryer for Pasta with Simulation Tools

Authors: Mattia Armenzoni, Federico Solari, Davide Marchini, Roberto Montanari, Gino Ferretti .

Bakery Production Scheduling Optimization ?a PSO Approach

Authors: Florian Hecker, Walid Hussein, Mohamed Hussein, Thomas Becker .

Simulation Based Design Optimization Framework for a Gait Pattern Generation of a small Biped Robot with Tiptoe Mechanism

Authors: Krissana Nerakae, Hasegawa Hiroshi .

Rfid-Based Real-Time Decision Support in Supply Chains

Authors: Tobias Hegmanns, Michael Toth .

Feature Selection for Datasets of Wine Fermentations

Authors: Antonio Mucherino, Alejandra Urtubia .

Comparing Decision Support Tools for Cargo Screening Processes

Authors: Peer-Olaf Siebers, Galina Sherman, Uwe Aickelin, David Menachof .

Demand-Supply Interaction and Inventory Buildup Strategies for Short Life Cycle Products

Authors: Rong Pan, Adriano Solis, Bixler Paul .

Evaluation of the Performance of Solar Air Collector by Using Bond Graph Approach

Authors: Hatem Oueslati, Salah Ben Mabrouk, Abdelkader Mami .

The Use of Simulation as a Pedagogical Tool in Construction Education

Authors: Ronald Ekyalimpa, Jangmi Hong, Simaan AbouRizk .

Logical Operator Usage in Structural Modelling

Authors: Ieva Zeltmate .

A survey on performance modelling and simulation

Authors: Manuel Mayer, Stephan Gradl, Veronika Schreiber, Harald Kienegger, Holger Wittges, Helmut Krcmar.

Understanding the Performance Behavior of a Sap Erp System for the Use of Queuing Models

Authors: Stephan Gradl, Manuel Mayer, Alexandru Danciu, Holger Wittges, Helmut Krcmar.

Object-Oriented Model of Fixed-Bed Drying of Coffee Berries

Authors: Emilio de Souza Santos, Paulo Cesar Corręa, Brian Lynn Steward, Daniel Marçal de Queiroz .

Scheduling Patients Based on Provider?s Availability

Authors: Jose Sepulveda, Waldemar Karwowski, Francisco Ramis, Pablo Concha .

An Overall DHM-Based Ergonomic and Operational Assessment of a Manufacturing Task: a Case Study

Authors: Nadia Rego Monteil, David del Rio Vilas, Diego Crespo Pereira, Rosa Rios Prado .

A Computationally Efficient and Scalable Shelf Life Estimation Model for Wireless Temperature Sensors in the Supply Chain

Authors: Ismail Uysal, Jean-Pierre Emond, Gisele Bennett .

Simulation as a Decision Support Tool in Maintenance Float Systems ? System Availability Versus Total Maintenance Cost

Authors: Francisco Peito, Guilherme Pereira, Armando Leităo, Luís Dias .

ANP Approach For Improving Public Participation In Strategic Environmental Management Planning

Authors: Fabio De Felice, Antonella Petrillo .

Improvement of the Forecast of Economic Processes Parameters

Authors: Yuri Menshikov .

Distributed M&S for Product Service System

Authors: Thecle Alix, Greg Zacharewicz .

Design and Development of Realistic Food Models with Well Characterised Micro and Macro- Structure and Composition

Authors: Monique Axelos, Jean-Dominique Daudin, Guy DellaValle, Nathalie Perrot, Catherine MGC Renard, Caroline Sautot, Jean-Louis Sebedio .

From Expert Knowledge to Qualitative Functions: Application to The Mixing Process

Authors: Kamal Kansou, Guy Della Valle, Amadou Ndiaye .

Simulation Based Modeling of Warehousing Operations in Engineering Education Based on an Axiomatic Design

Authors: Rafael S. Gutierrez, Sergio Flores, Fernando Tovia, Olga Valerio, Mariano Olmos .

A Multi-Item Multi-Rack Approach for Designing LIFO Storage Systems: a Case Study from the Food Industry

Authors: Elisa Gebennini, Andrea Grassi, Bianca Rimini, Rita Gamberini .

A Process Mining Approach Based on Trace Alignment Information for Very Large Sequential Processes with Duplicated Activities

Authors: Pamela Viale, Claudia Frydman, Jacques Pinaton .

Solving Fully Fuzzy Linear Programming Problem with Equality and Inequality Constraints

Authors: Ahmad Jafarnejad, Mahnaz Hosseinzadeh, Hamed Mohammadi Kangarani .

Modeling Psychological Messages and Their Propagation

Authors: Colette Faucher .

NAV ? The Advanced Visualization Station: a Mobile Computing Center for Engineering Project Support

Authors: Gabriel A. Fernandes, Gerson G. Cunha, Tiago Mota, Celia Lopes .

Competition and Information: Cumana a Web Serious Game for Education in the Industrial World

Authors: Marina Massei, Alberto Tremori, Alberto Pessina, Federico Tarone .

Modeling Logistics & Operations in a Port Terminal for Environmental Impact Evaluation and Analysis

Authors: Marina Massei, Francesca Madeo, Francesco Longo .

Modelling a Traceability System for a Food Supply Chain: Standards, Technologies and Software Tools

Authors: Bruno De Cindio, Francesco Longo, Giovanni Mirabelli, Teresa Pizzuti .

Command Feedback and Response (CFR) ? the Evolution of Command and Control in an Immersive and Interactive Environment (C2I2)

Authors: Marco Biagini, Michele Turi .

Restoring Aquatic Ecosystems on the Basis of the GMAA DSS

Authors: Antonio Jiménez, Alfonso Mateos .

Modelling and Simulation of the Sterilization Process Of Pouch Packaging In an Aseptic Line

Authors: Paolo Casoli, Gabriele Copelli, Michele Manfredi, Giuseppe Vignali .

Planning Highways Resurfacing Using Computer Simulation

Authors: Mohamed Marzouk, Marwa Fouad, Moheeb El-Said .

3 Years of Funding Initiative for Computational Mathematics in Austria

Authors: Peter Kerschl, Alexander Pogány .

Dynamic Phenomena and Quality Defects in Laser Cutting

Authors: Dieter Schuöcker, Joachim Aichinger, Georg Schuöcker .

Analysis of a Warehouse Management System by Means of Simulation Experiments

Authors: Giuseppe Aiello, Mario Enea, Cinzia Muriana .

An efficient hybrid approach based on SVM and Binary ACO for feature Selection

Authors: O. Kadri, L. H. Mouss, F. Merah, A.Abdelhadi, M. D. Mouss .

CoMModO ? Complex Material Modeling Operations, A Comprehensive Approach to the Modeling of Complex Materials with Machine Learning Models within Finite Element Simulations

Authors: Andreas Kuhn, Toni Palau, Gerolf Schlager, Helmut Böhm, Sergio Nogales, Victor Oancea, Ritwick Roy, Andrea Rauh, Jürgen Lescheticky .

Multi-Objective Optimization in Urban Design

Authors: Michele Bruno, Kerri Henderson, Hong Min Kim .

Additive Fault Tolerant Control for Delayed System

Authors: Abdelkrim Nouceyba, Tellili Adel, Abdelkrim Mohamed Naceur .

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