MAS 2017 Proceedings

The MAS Conference concentrates on applied Modeling & simulation (M&S) and computer technologies. Application fields include logistics, supply chain management, production control, business and industrial organization and engage users, vendors and scientists operating in applying advanced techniques to industry, business and services.

Proceedings List

AHP-K-GDSS: a new sorting method based on AHP for group decisions

Authors: A. Ishizaka, F. Lolli, R. Gamberini, B. Rimini, E. Balugani .

Multi-class multi-server queueing networks for production systems design

Authors: P. Legato, R. M. Mazza .

Energy optimization of a wind system with small power by fuzzy MPPT algorithm

Authors: J. C. Rakotoarisoa, S. Moussa, N. J. Razafinjaka .

Modeling supply chain quality management performance

Authors: J.M. Cogollo Florez, A. A. Correa Espinal .

Simulation of virtual human hand evolution after stroke

Authors: E. Pena-Pitarch, N. Tico-Falguera .

Multi-pole modelling and intelligent simulation of a fluid power feeding system with a pneumo-hydraulic accumulator

Authors: M. Harf, G. Grossschmidt .

A stochastic risk analysis through Monte Carlo simulation applied to the construction phase of a 600 MW gas turbine plant

Authors: F. Allahi, L. Cassettari, M. Mosca .

Effect of ankle joint position on biped robot walking behaviour

Authors: V.T. Nguyen, N.L. Tao, H. Hasegawa .

Simulation-based optimization of a four stage hybrid flow shop with sequence-dependent setup times and availability constraints

Authors: P. Aurich, A. Nahhas, T. Reggelin, M. Krist .

A reinforcement learning approach to scheduling dual-armed cluster tools with time variations

Authors: J.-E. Roh, T.-E. Lee .

Holistic planning of production and intralogistics systems through automated modeling within and among the tools of the digital factory

Authors: D. Weigert, P. Aurich, T. Reggelin .

Optimization of the logistics process in warehouse of automotive company based on simulation study

Authors: B. Chramcov, M. Jemelka .

Validation of a cost model for the superstructure service in juvenile prisons in Brazil by means of the Monte Carlo simulation

Authors: C. Isaton, A. E. Jungles, J. J. Salim Neto .

Power distribution control algorithm for fuel economy optimization of 48V mild hybrid vehicle

Authors: S. Ha, T. Park, W. Na, H. Lee .

U.S. Army mobile augmented and virtual reality training systems for handheld IED detectors

Authors: D. Reed, L. Eifert, S. Reynolds, T. Hillyer, C. Hoayun .

Metaheuristic and hybrid simulation-based optimization for solving scheduling problems with major and minor setup times

Authors: A. Nahhas, P. Aurich, S. Bosse, T. Reggelin, K. Turowski .

Immersive, interoperable and intuitive mixed reality for service in industrial plants

Authors: A. G. Bruzzone, M. Massei, F. Longo, K. Sinelshchikov, R. di Matteo, M. Cardelli, P. K. Kandunuri.

Fuzzy-variable gain PI control of WECS based on a doubly fed induction generator

Authors: T. P. Andrianantenaina, Z. D'edissak Tsaralahy, J. N. Razafinjaka, H. Mangel .

A strategic serious game addressing system of systems engineering

Authors: A. G. Bruzzone, M. Massei, G. L. Maglione, K. Sinelshchikov, R. di Matteo .

A risk management model for measuring project complexity

Authors: F. De Felice, A. Petrillo, F. Zomparelli, M. Esposito .

Simulation-based design with UQ for creating new combination of functions considering uncertainty

Authors: T. Ichimaru, H. Hasegawa, Y. Kado .

Simulation of a readiness-based sparing optimization

Authors: J. Wray, A. Buss, J. Salmeron .

Heuristic modules multi-lift planning tool for industrial site

Authors: M. Farajmandi, U. Hermann, H. Taghaddos, S. M. AbouRizk .

A Java library for easing the distributed simulation of space systems

Authors: A. Falcone, A. Garro .

The open architecture scheduling system for a single-armed cluster tool with PM cleaning operations

Authors: D.-H. Roh, T.-E. Lee .

ACO topology optimization: The geometrical constraint method by learning overlaid optimal ants route

Authors: N. Hoshi, H. Hasegawa .

Simulation study for improving the performance of a production line in the electronics industry

Authors: S. Costa, A. L. Ramos, J. Vasconcelos Ferreira .

An execution model for exception handling in a multi-agent system

Authors: Z. Houhamdi, B. Athamena .

Design by contract of cyber-physical systems driven by simulation and based on properties modeling

Authors: A. Tundis, M. Muhlhauser .

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