MAS 2008 Proceedings

The MAS Conference concentrates on applied Modeling & simulation (M&S) and computer technologies. Application fields include logistics, supply chain management, production control, business and industrial organization and engage users, vendors and scientists operating in applying advanced techniques to industry, business and services.

Proceedings List

A study of materials management system in a large mining organization

Authors: Sharif .

The industrial innovation process by a network approach

Authors: Nelson Ebecken, Francisco Moreira.

Decision support system applied to combined freight transport

Authors: Nicolas Rigo,Alassane Ballé Ndiaye .

A simulation-based DSS for field service delivery optimization

Authors: Mario Rapaccini,Filippo Visintin, Alessandro Sistemi .

Advanced models for innovative decision support systems in broadcasting schedule planning & management

Authors: Agostino Bruzzone, Marina Massei, Luca Pierfederici .

Stochastic leadtimes in a one-warehouse, n-retailer inventory system with the warehouse carrying stock

Authors: Adriano Solis, Charles Schmidt .

Considerations on the particular features for process and workflow modeling

Authors: Victoria Iordan, Alexandru Cicortas .

Formal method of functional model building based on graph transformations

Authors: Janis Grundspenkis, Ieva Zeltmate .

Analysis of logistics in supportof a human lunar outpost

Authors: William Cirillo, Kevin Earle, Kandyce Goodliff, J.D. Reeves, Mark Andraschko, Gabe Merrill, Chel Stromgren .

A decision support methodology for process in the loop optimisation

Authors: Dan Gladwin, Paul Stewart, Jill Stewart, Rui Chen, Edward Winward .

Organisational analysis of different modalities in drug administration,

Authors: Lucio Buffoni, Libero Ciuffreda, Antonio Di Leva, Salvatore Femiano .

A reactive scheduling for intesive care units

Authors: Erhan Kozan .

Modelling and design of hospital departments by timed continuous petri nets

Authors: Mariagrazia Dotoli, Maria Pia Fanti, Agostino Marcello Mangini, Walter Ukovich .

Networks of queues with multiple customer types: application in emergency department

Authors: Jihene Jlassi, Abderrahman Elmhamedi, Habib Chabchoub .

Critical newborn transport in veneto region: models and simulation

Authors: Francesca Bortolato, Anna Ferrante, Giorgio Romanin-Jacur, Laura Salmaso .

A non-newtonian flow model for simulating the fabric coating process

Authors: Xiaoming Zhao, George Stylios .

Application of simulation modelling to the ship steam boiler system

Authors: Enco Tireli, Josko Dvornik, Srdan Dvornik .

Controller design using combination of symbolic and numeric calculations in maple

Authors: Pavol Bisták, Peter ?apák .

Bezier fitting to almost oval gear devices

Authors: Karol Gajda, Piotr Krawiec, Adam Marlewski .

Modeling and simulation needs in fusion energy research

Authors: Gabor Veres .

Real time collision detection for complex simulations based on hybrid multi resolution approximation of cad models

Authors: Ilario Francesco Ceruti, Giovanni Dal Maso,Diego Rovere, Paolo Pedrazzoli, Claudio Roberto Boër .

Warehouse inventory management based on fill rate analysis

Authors: Antonio Cimino,Duilio Curcio, Giovanni Mirabelli, Enrico Papoff .

Optimizing a higly flexible shoe production plant using simulation

Authors: Fred Voorhorst, Antonio Avai, Claudio Boer .

Simulation calculation of tractor-potato planter combination model

Authors: Jan Szczepaniak .

The web winding system control by the backstepping method

Authors: Nabila Rabbah,Bahloul Bensassi .

Simulation study of an automated air cargo terminal

Authors: Bill Chan, Henry Lau, Steve Chan .

A sequential heuristic programming approach for a corrugated box factory: tradeoff between setup costs and trim waste

Authors: P. Zouein, J. Diab .

Workstation productivity enhacement within hydraulic hoses manufacturing process

Authors: Antonio Cimino, Duilio Curcio, Francesco Longo, Enrico Papoff .

Integrated planning and control on Ro-Ro terminals

Authors: Bernd Scholz-Reiter, FelixBÖse, Michael Teucke, Jakub Piotrowski .

Project of an agv transport system through simulation techniques

Authors: Vincenzo Duraccio, Domenico Falcone, Alessandro Silvestri, Gianpaolo Di Bona.

Modeling and simulation of behavioral scenarios by using coupled DEVS models

Authors: Mamoun Sqali, Lucile Torres .

Wsdl-based DEVS agent for net-centric systems engineering

Authors: Saurabh Mittal,Bernard Zeigler, Jose Risco-Martin, Jesus de la-Cruz .

Modelling and simulation using statechart-based actors

Authors: Franco Cicirelli, Angelo Furfaro, Libero Nigro .

Multi-agent based simulation of large random boolean network

Authors: Pham Dang Hai .

Effect of negative parameters in inventory models performance

Authors: Miguel Cezar Santoro, Gilberto Freire .

Simulation of the impact of the energetic characters of tractors and machines on the working efficiency of the soil tillage units

Authors: Arvids Vilde, Edmunds Pirs .

A short guide to client?s satisfaction from a simulation model

Authors: Michal Stec .

Simulation of the GOMS keystrock level model using DEVS

Authors: Ali Mroue, Jean Caussanel .

Simulation of natural phenomena by cellular automata with the libautoti library: an application to geological modelling

Authors: William Spataro, Giuseppe Spingola, Giuseppe Zito, Donato D'Ambrosio, Rocco Rongo, Maria Vittoria Avolio, Salvatore Di Gregorio.

The modelling and control of the agricultural set driver

Authors: Jacek Kromulski,Tadeusz Pawlowski .

Warehouse and internal logistics management based on modeling & simulation

Authors: Enrico Bocca, Duilio Curcio, Francesco Longo, Alberto Tremori .

Analysing inventory management performance by simulating supply chain management strategies

Authors: Gökhan Yüzgülec, Markus Witthaut, Bernd Hellingrath .

SPS tools for capital planning project analysis

Authors: Nathan Boskers, Simaan AbouRizk .

Use of discrete event simulation for a long range planning of an expediton system

Authors: Leonardo Chwif, Afonso Celso Medina, José Arnaldo Barra Montevechi, Marcos Ribeiro Pereira Barretto .

Supply chain performance under transient demand increases: a case studysupporting supply contract negotiation

Authors: Ivor Lanning, Cathal Heavey .

Modelling agricultural production systems using an ?Action-Flow-Stock? ontology

Authors: François Guerrin .

Workload forecast algorithm optimization for re-organizing retail network

Authors: Agostino Bruzzone, Simonluca Poggi, Enrico Bocca, Francesco Longo, Francesca Madeo, Sabrina Rondinelli .

A simulation-based method for the design of supply strategies to enter developing markets

Authors: Christian Schwede, Yu Song, Brian Sieben, Bernd Hellingrath, Axel Wagenitz .

Decision support system for urea synthesis system of a fertilizer plant

Authors: Sunand Kumar, Sanjeev Kumar, Puran Chandra Tewari .

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