MAS 2013 Proceeding

Looking for the equilibrium of the shields production system via simulation model

Authors:   Pavla Ficova , Martina Kuncova


The use of simulation increasingly becomes part of business planning and analysis. Using a computer program a model that faithfully mimics reality can be easily created and used to analyze the situation in the company. In this paper simulation is used to accurately determine utilization of shields manufacturing machines and also to analyze the entire production process, which begins with the arrival of the material and ends with finished product. The first task is to search for the optimal utilization of machines, number of shifts and employees. Based on the results of the analysis number of produced shields and production process could be modified. The aim is to determine the current state of utilization and to find the equilibrium or ceiling for possible future expansion of production. SIMUL8 has been used as a model background. The results obtained from the simulation model have given new information and invaluable knowledge of the process to the company.

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