MAS 2013 Proceeding

Modelling and multiobjective optimization of the VHP sterilization process of pouch packaging

Authors:   Matteo Folezzani, Michele Manfredi, Giuseppe Vignali


Aseptic filling technology of Spouted Pouch packaging, even more used in the beverages sector, requires a very complex sterilization and rinsing of the packaging before filling. This work aims to optimize the sterilization process of a pouch packaging used in aseptic technology. Starting from a fixed position of the nozzle inside the pouch, this work goals to varying the flow rate through the nozzle and the process time, in order to ensure the contact between H2O2 solution and all zone of the packaging wall, so to optimize the sterilization process. The analysed sterilization process adopts a mixture composed by vaporized hydrogen peroxide and hot sterile air. This problem has been resolved using a multi- objective optimisation with the mains objectives to minimize the consumption of H2O2 and the relatives costs and maximize the sterilization efficacy on the packaging volume in a defined time.

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