MAS 2013 Proceeding

A data collection methodology to perform DHMS-based ergonomic analysis of manufacturing tasks

Authors:   Nadia Rego-Monteil, Mariangela Suriano, Diego Crespo Pereira, David del Rio Vilas, Rosa Rios Prado, Francesco Longo


A key stage in any simulation project is the data collec- tion process. In most simulation-based ergonomic anal- ysis, data from the movements performed by the opera- tor during the task are obtained either by direct observa- tion, video observation or by means of a Motion Cap- ture (MoCap) System. Direct or video observation methods are quick and inexpensive, however less accu- rate and objective than commercial Mocap Systems. MoCap Systems are much more expensive and limited to the use in laboratories. The objective of this paper is to present a data collection methodology based on the joint employment of the per-pixel depth technology and a free open source video analysis software. The pro- posed system is portable, low-cost and suitable for fieldwork. A real case study is presented to explain how objective posture data of a user performing a task can be obtained and used for its workstation analysis and im- provement.

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