MAS 2013 Proceeding

Simulation analysis for cascading failure of an electrical power grid

Authors:   Chulhan Kim, Kiwook Bae, Soojeong Bae, Tae-Eog Lee


In an electrical grid, destruction of generators or power transmission elements may lead to a serious power outage on an entire city or a country, not just on the region that the destroyed facilities exist. This is because of cascading failure of an electric grid. In order to prevent huge damage on a system, cascading failure needs to be analysed properly. In this study, we propose a systematic framework for examining cascading failure of an electrical grid with simulation. Procedure of cascading failure and mathematical models for simulation are introduced. In addition, demand shedding policies for reducing damage on a system are suggested. We also conduct simulation experiments as a case study which involves all the concepts that we present throughout the paper.

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