MAS 2013 Proceeding

Performance analysis of a water supply system of a dairy company by means of advanced simulative methods

Authors:   Davide Marchini, Marta Rinaldi, Roberto Montanari, Eleonora Bottani, Federico Solari


This following work presents the result of a research project, that concerns the development of a simulation model of the water supply system of a dairy company, located in Parma, Italy. The reduction of water consumption is a very topical issue in many industrial fields. The approach developed aims to investigate, through process simulation, the areas of the plant where the efficiency of the water supply system can be significantly improved by means of simple modifications. At first, the simulation model was used to reproduce the current system, so as to reach a precise knowledge of the water flows in the plant. In the second part of the work, a series of alternative scenarios was investigated, and the related performance was assessed, thus identifying the best plant configuration. The process simulator was designed under Microsoft Excel, using the potential of VBA (Visual Basic for Applications). Thanks to the study implemented, a final scenario of the water supply system was identified, which allows savings up to 30% of water compared to the original configuration.

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