MAS 2013 Proceeding

Multi-perspective visualization within simulation-based design enhanced shared understanding

Authors:   Bart van Zaalen, Rens Kortmann, Wijnand Veeneman, Alexander Verbraeck, Marten Busstra


Within complex design projects the methodology of Simulation-Based Design (SBD) is regularly used. In the literature critical remarks have been made on the lack of multiple perspectives within such simulations, which creates inefficiency and dissatisfying results of the design. The use of multi-perspective visualization during an SBD process may give participants a better insight in the impact of the design on their own and others? interests. As a result it may create a higher shared understanding (SU) among participants and improve the design. We examined this hypothesis during a design case for a new shunting plan on a marshalling yard, which led to the following conclusion the addition of multi-perspective visualization enhanced SU among the participants significantly and contributed to a better design result. For similar design cases this approach is expected to be successful too, although small adjustments to the approach and other types of visualizations will be required.

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