MAS 2011 Proceeding

NAV ? The Advanced Visualization Station: a Mobile Computing Center for Engineering Project Support

Authors:   Gabriel A. Fernandes, Gerson G. Cunha, Tiago Mota, Celia Lopes


This paper reviews the development progress of the Advanced Visualization Center (NAV). A mobile laboratory focused on outdoor Augmented Reality (AR) Research and collaborative project development. The NAV is composed of a series of integrated solutions which combined aim to improve project management performance, by improving, on the field, information access and remote project supervision. The approach uses several mobile work stations linked by a wireless network, which can provide positioned based information, such as, comment ready CAD sheets, 3D models, outdoor Augmented Reality visualization and constant GPS navigation/tracking. The NAV overall system also provides panoramic telepresence for remote project supervision, inspection and decision making. The work presents the NAV overall concept, and then describes the main solutions and their current development status and last finishes by discussing the tool integration and possible future continuous research.

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