MAS 2011 Proceeding

Mathematical Modeling and Simulation for Detection of Suicide Bombers

Authors:   William Fox, John Vesecky, Kenneth Laws


We examined the use of radar to detect humans wearing a suicide bomb vest with detonation wires. In our research we used the GunnPlexer Doppler radar at 12.5 GHz to collect experiment data of humans both with wires and a vest and without wires. We collected data and broke the reflected radar signal into both horizontal and vertical polarization (HH and VV). We developed several metrics from this data that could be used in building models or algorithms to more accurately detect subjects wearing wires. We discovered additional information about the metrics and used combinations of the metrics so we could increase the detection probability. We built a Monte Carlo simulation to test our theories. To date, we have a success rate over 98% and a false positive rate of under approximately 2%. This research and the results encourage us to think that suicide bombers can be found prior to their detonation of their bombs at a safe range.

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