MAS 2011 Proceeding

Numerical Analysis of Wind Induced Pressure Loads on an Integrated Roof-Based Photovoltaic System

Authors:   Marco Raciti Castelli, Sergio Toniato, Ernesto Benini


Wind loads on the roof of a civil structure inside an industrial area still represent a great challenge for structural engineers. The quantitative amounts of force and pressure coefficients depend on the shape, size and orientation of the building and on its interaction with the surrounding environment. The static loads due to wind pressure on a 5 deg pitched roof-based integrated photovoltaic system have been estimated by means of a 2D numerical simulation of the flow field around the T&T building in Valdagno (Italy). A constant wind velocity profile, based on the maximum reference wind speed in the building site (peak gust speed worked out for 50 years return period) and on the local roughness coefficient, has been simulated. The distribution of wind-induced loads as a function of the panel row position and the amplitude of the recirculation region downstream the building have been determined, allowing a numerical quantification of the effect of the building geometry on the pressure loads on top of the roof.

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